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Next submission due date:

October 15, 2009 for Fall 2010 Course Release Time

Note: To allow departments with more time to plan around a faculty member's course release time, our due dates are now 1 year early. Applications for a Fall course release must be received by October 15 of the previous year; for Spring, applications must be received by March 15 of the previous year.

Purpose of the Award

The Grant Preparation Award funds three credits of reassigned time for grant preparation activities to Nursing and Health Sciences faculty who will be submitting an external grant application during the current academic year. Proposals may relate to new or to continuing research or project endeavors. ORGS will fund two Grant Preparation Awards during each academic year: one for the School of Nursing and one for the School of Health Sciences. If resources permit, additional awards may be funded. Use of the reassigned time must be agreed upon by the applicant and by his or her track coordinator, program director and Dean prior to submitting the application.

Application Process

The complete application form must be submitted electronically to; please see the application form for complete instructions. Applications for reassigned time for Fall semester must be received by October 15 of the preceding Fall semester; applications for reassigned time for Spring semester must be received by March 15 of the preceding Spring semester. Should either of these due dates fall on a weekend or holiday, applications must be received no later than 5:00pm on the preceding business day.

Criteria for Receipt of Award

Decisions about funding an application for reassigned time are based upon:

  • The consonance of the proposed grant application with the missions of the applicant's School and of ORGS.
  • The perceived “readiness” of the application for submission within the academic year.
  • The perceived potential of the proposed grant application to receive funding from an external source, based upon federal review criteria (i.e., significance, approach, innovation, investigator experience, institutional environment, appropriate treatment of human subjects’ concerns, potential for future funding).
  • The perceived potential of the proposed grant application, if funded, to further the applicant's research and academic career.
  • Agreement of the track coordinator, program director and Dean to the applicant’s use of the award-supported reassigned time.


Criteria for eligibility are:

  • Full-time tenured, untenured tenure-track, or permanently-appointed nontenure-track faculty in the School of Nursing and the School of Health Sciences may apply. Faculty who have not received an award from an external funding source are particularly encouraged to apply.
  • Proposals may concern research, demonstration projects, curriculum development, training projects, or, in some cases, support for research-related resources or planning for larger endeavors. Training, project, curriculum, resource and planning proposals must include a significant scholarly component.
  • Approval from the track coordinator, program director and Dean for acceptance of reassigned time.

Grant Review Process

An ORGS review committee will review all timely applications; the Executive Director of ORGS will notify the Dean of the candidate from each School chosen to receive the award. If there is more than one application of merit from a School, the ORGS review committee will rank the applications, which will be funded on the basis of available funds. The Dean(s) and the ORGS Executive Director will notify candidates of ORGS’ selection, and also will notify the appropriate track coordinators and program directors. Should the ORGS review committee determine that no application from a School meets the funding criteria, ORGS reserves the right to recommend that no application from that School be funded and, further, if appropriate, that two applications from another School be funded instead.


Each recipient of the Grant Preparation Award will report on the status of the grant application to his or her Dean, to the ORGS Executive Director, and to his or her program director and track coordinator. The ORGS Grant Preparation Award Progress Report Form, which is modeled on federal progress report format, must be used for this reporting. Reports are due by February 1 for recipients of Fall semester reassigned time and by July 1 for recipients of Spring semester reassigned time.

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