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Purpose of Award

The ORGS Poster Preparation Award provides financial support for Nursing and Health Sciences faculty to prepare poster presentations of research or other scholarly projects which have been refereed by a conference peer review committee and have been accepted for presentation at a conference or professional meeting. The Award covers the cost of printing the presentation at ICIT at Hunterís 68th Street campus; ORGS also will provide scientific and design assistance on an as-needed basis. Full-time tenured, tenure-track or permanent nontenure-track faculty, as well as nonfaculty full-time Center staff, are eligible to apply. Please note that this award is no longer needed when presenting at our annual SHP-SON Student-Faculty Research Conference.

Application Process

All application forms must be submitted electronically to ORGS at; please download the appropriate application form at the bottom of this page for instructions. Applications for any academic conference or professional meeting must be received at least three weeks prior to the conference. Last minute applications will not be accepted. ORGS will fund as many poster preparation awards for academic conferences or professional meetings held during an academic year as monies permit.

Creating and Printing Posters

ORGS will provide scientific and design assistance on an as-needed basis, and ICIT will print all completed posters. Please follow these steps:

  • Submit a Poster Preparation Award application.
  • Receive acceptance notification.
  • Design your poster, requesting scientific and/or design assistance from ORGS if you need it. We recommend using these instructions for creating a poster in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • When the poster is ready to be printed, download and fill out the ICIT Request Form. Bring the completed form and the poster file in person to ICITís Classroom Media Technology Services in Room 333, Hunter North, at the 68th Street campus. Please allow at least three (3) days for printing of the poster; see the ICIT Request Form for further instructions.
  • ORGS will coordinate payment with ICIT.

Progress Report

Award recipients for poster presentations at academic conferences or professional meetings will be required to allow their poster to be displayed as part of an ORGS event to occur after the conference or meeting has concluded, such as our annual Student-Faculty SHP-SON Research Conference.

Download the Poster Preparation Award Application