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Purpose of the Award

The purpose of the Seed Money Grant Award is to provide tangible support for Nursing and Health Professions faculty pilot research, demonstration, curriculum development, or training projects which have the potential to benefit the faculty member, to advance knowledge in his or her field, and to lead to larger externally-funded grant applications. Full-time tenured, tenure-track or permanent nontenure-track faculty, as well as nonfaculty full-time Center staff, are eligible to apply. Awards may be made for up to $4,000/year, for a maximum of two years, for a total of $8,000 per award. In special cases, a continuing application for a second Seed Money Grant Award will be considered, based upon progress of the initial research or project.

Seed monies may be used to fund such items as research/project supplies, research assistant time, or incentive payments to participants. While applicants with support from other internal or external funding sources may apply, primary consideration will be given to those without such support. Although one to two awards generally are made per year, if resources permit, additional awards may be funded. Recipients of a Seed Money Grant Award will be requested to present findings or outcomes through an ORGS-sponsored event.

Application Process

The complete application form must be submitted electronically to ORGS at; please see the application form for instructions. The applicant must serve as the principal investigator. Applications, including a budget, must be sent by 5:00pm on March 15 for a start date of July 1. Late applications will not be accepted, unless an extension has been posted on the ORGS website. Should the due date fall on a weekend or holiday, applications must be received no later than 5:00pm on the preceding business day.

Criteria for Receipt of Award

Decisions about funding an application are based upon:

  • The consonance of the proposed grant application with the missions of the applicant's School and of ORGS.
  • The perceived potential of the pilot project to be developed into a fundable, extramural research grant proposal, based upon federal review criteria (i.e., significance, approach, innovation, investigator experience, institutional environment, appropriate treatment of human subjects’ concerns).
  • The perceived potential of the pilot project to advance knowledge in the applicant’s field.
  • The perceived potential of the proposed grant application, if funded, to further the applicant's research and academic career.


Criteria for eligibility are:

  • Full-time tenured, untenured tenure-track, or permanently-appointed nontenure-track faculty in the School of Nursing and School of Health Professions may apply, as may nonfaculty full-time Center staff. Applicants with no internal or external research funding support are particularly encouraged to apply.
  • Proposals may concern pilot research, demonstration, curriculum development, or training projects; all must include a significant scholarly component.

Grant Review Process

An ORGS review committee will review all timely applications; the Executive Director of ORGS will notify the Dean of the candidate(s) chosen to receive the award. The Dean(s) and the ORGS Executive Director will notify all candidates of ORGS’ selection, and also will notify the appropriate track coordinators, program directors and school directors. Should the ORGS review committee determine that no application meets the funding criteria, ORGS reserves the right to recommend that no application be funded.


Each recipient of the Seed Money Grant Award must report, on a yearly basis, results of the research or project to his or her Dean, to the ORGS Executive Director, and to his or her track coordinator, program director, school director, and/or Center executive director. Interim reports are due by May 15 and final reports are due by the September 1. The report must include, where applicable, any publications, presentations and grants prepared for an external funding source evolving from the pilot work. The ORGS Seed Money Grant Award Progress Report Form, which is modeled on federal progress report format, must be used for this reporting.

If an applicant has received seed monies for two years, funding for year two is contingent upon satisfactory progress in year one, as demonstrated in the interim progress report and as determined by the ORGS Executive Director and Review Committee. Continuing support for a second Seed Money Grant Award application for the same research or project will be based on the progress achieved to date, as well as on the potential for developing a proposal for external funding with pilot data resulting from the research or project.

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