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John Hammond

John L. Hammond received his B.A. in History from Harvard College and his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Chicago. He is the author of Fighting to Learn: Popular Education and Guerrilla War in El Salvador; Building Popular Power: Workers' and Neighborhood Movements in the Portuguese Revolution; and The Politics of Benevolence: Revival Religion and American Voting Behavior. His current research is on human rights and rural social movements in Latin America and the World Social Forum. He teaches courses on Sociology of Work, American Society, Human Rights, Development and Globalization, and Latin American Societies. He also teaches at the Graduate Center (GC). He is the former chair of the Latin American Studies Association task force on human rights and academic freedom and a member of the editorial boards of Latin American Perspectives and the Brazilian journal Psicologia Política.

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Fighting to Learn     Politics of Benevolence     Building Popular Power


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A Personal Note

I have a physical disability. My right ear is extremely sensitive to noise: loud noise most of all, but also noise coming steadily from my right side. When talking to me, please keep to my left. I sometimes do strange-looking things, like facing sideways to avoid noise, or covering my right ear. Listening is hard in a room with noise coming from several directions, so I ask that you not ask me questions right after class. Come to see me in my office. (I am not hard of hearing. Talking louder may make it worse.) Thanks for your consideration.

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