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Course Listings & Selected Syllabi

Social Research's 2009-2011 online catalog

For the most current information, please check Hunter's Registrar page.

Core Courses

GSR 702 Contemporary Sociological Theory
Conclusions and methodological philosophies of major theorists: functionalists, interactionists, and phenomenologists, and theory construction.
Syllabi - DeGloma (Fall 2010)

GSR 708 Statistics I
Prereq: SOC 241 or equiv. Inferential statistics and introduction to multivariate techniques. Includes use of computer for problem sets.
Syllabi - Tuckel (Fall 2005)

GSR 709 Statistics II
Prereq: GSR 708 with grade of B or better. Topics covered include analysis of variance, multiple regression and other multivariate techniques.
Syllabus - Hardie (Spring 2019)

GSR 710 Research Methods I (Qualitative Methods)
Prereq: SOC 241 or equiv or perm instr. Application of research techniques in qualitative research, field research, participant observation, library research, analysis of textual data.
Syllabi - Lune (Fall 2010)

GSR 711 Research Methods II (Quantitative Methods)
Prereq: GSR 710. Basic concepts and methods used in survey research, research design, measurement, questionnaire construction, sampling, data analysis.
Syllabi - Lune (Spring 2011)

GSR 716 Workshop in Using Information Technology for Research
Use of the Internet and Web for both qualitative and quantitative research; includes search and evaluation strategies, access to full text data bases, and interactive statistical and spatial analysis. Presentation of findings in formats suitable for delivery via the Web.
Syllabi - Hyden (Spring 2009)

GSR 717 Seminar in Applied and Evaluation Research
Prereq: GSR 709, GSR 710 and GSR 711. Theoretical and methodological issues in applied evaluation research; achieving agreement on program goals and qualifying goals.
Syllabi - Schwartz (Fall 2011)

GSR 718 Research Internship
6 cr. Completion by matriculated student of a research internship under faculty supervision in an approved private or publicsector research agency. Internship lasts a minimum of three months (full time) or six months (part time). Execution of a research project applying advanced research methods.

GSR 719 Applied Research Seminar
The execution of oral and written reports, typically using research done during the internship, to demonstrate the students’ data analysis skills and ability to write a report appropriate for the students’ areas of specialization. Read more...
Syllabi - Wood (Spring 2012)

Areas of Specialization

Marketing Research and Consumer Behavior

GSR 722 Consumer Behavior
Cultural, social, and psychological influences on consumer decision-making and consumer satisfaction; consumerism.

GSR 723 Nonprofit and Social Marketing
Application of marketing and marketing research to non-business organizations.

Media Research and Analysis

GSR 731 Television Programming and Audiences
Socioeconomic analysis of television programming and the various audiences served, including the cable universe; review of relevant theoretical approaches, research methods and audience data, patterns of television consumption.

GSR 732 Motion Pictures
Analysis of contemporary American motion picture industry with special emphasis on independent production; social structure of production, product analysis, audience appeal and marketing; review of relevant theoretical approaches and current research.

GSR 733 The New Electronic Media and Information Markets
Investigation of new media and information technologies and the markets they create (digital television, Internet, etc.); relation between these media and markets and the class structure; analysis of the consumptive and pragmatic use of information.

Students can take graduate courses in the Department of Film and Media Studies provided they are directly related to media analysis and research. Please speak to an advisor.

Research and Policy Analysis/Nonprofit Sector

GSR 741 Social Policy
Planning procedures and program evaluation in public, corporate, and other private-sector settings; sources of error in forecasting.

GSR 742 Public Policy Analysis
Theories, concepts, and methods in publicpolicy analysis applied to select policy areas such as social service, criminal justice, and education.
Syllabi - Duggan (Fall 2007)

GSR 746 Organizational Dynamics
Organizational design, processes and analysis in the business, public, and nonprofit sectors.

With appropriate approval, students may take graduate courses offered by the Department of Urban Affairs such as URBG 748 (Management Control for Nonprofit Organizations) and URBP 760 (Health Planning and Policy Issues).

Research and Training in International Development

GSR 734 Electronic Media in Developing Countries
Electronic media use in developing countries with emphasis on television and developmental applications; policy and research issues; role of social marketing (the TELEVISA model); the international digital divide, and related issues.

GSR 761 Development Theories and Practices
History of the evolution of theories of development and analysis of their application to postcolonial societies from 1945 to 1989; assessment of development practices and their implications for poverty alleviation and social change; analysis of the conditions under which development aid is provided and its impact on a sample of countries from Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

GSR 762 Rethinking Development in the Global Era
Critical analysis of the shift from the old development discourse to a new one centered on "post development" or the "global" economy; identification of the ways in which developing societies attempt to integrate themselves into the global economy; assessment of the cultural, social and political impacts of the switch from socialist or mixed economies to market economies; analysis of the role of IMF, the World Bank, and world trade agreements in reshaping developing societies. Methodologies of social development, conflict resolution, legal reform and poverty alleviation used in aid organizations.

GSR 763 International Development Practicum
Structures and functions of international aid organizations. Training in program/project analysis; training in gender and development; advocacy for a number of development issues as well as governance.

Research and Evaluation

GSR 752 Focus Group Research
Theory and application of focus group research. Methodological procedures, conceptualization of research problem, organization of group, listening and probing techniques, analysis of verbal and nonverbal data, report writing.
Syllabi - Chito Childs (Spring 2009)

GSR 753 Critical Analysis of Higher Education
Introductory research seminar focusing on problems of higher education in the U.S. Case studies, policy problems, and basic theoretical and research issues.

GSR 767 Interpersonal Process in Organizations
Analysis of social relations in organizations; interpersonal processes in management, conflict negotiations, and interdepartmental relations.

Special Topics Seminars and Independent Research

GSR 790 Special Topics Seminar
The program offers experimental specialtopics seminars. Check with program office for more information.
Syllabi - Poppendieck (Spring 2006)

GSR 791, 792, 793 Independent Research
Execution, under faculty supervision, of an individual research project based on a written proposal.

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