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Public Sociology Lecture: Lisa Wade, "American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus"

While college has always been a space for protest, for play, and for breaking the rules, the “hookup” that has come to dominate campus life is entirely new in its potential for both pleasure and pain. From Ivies to religious colleges, public universities to liberal arts schools, hookup culture is the ubiquitous new culture of sex on campuses today. In this talk, Professor Lisa Wade looks past the shock-value news reports, moralizing op-eds, and party-saturated Hollywood movies to uncover what hookup culture means to college students, how it works, and what it reveals about privilege, power, and the future of sexuality in America.

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Public Sociology Lecture: Sarah Cowan, "How Secrets Shape the Social World"

We all have secrets. We tell those secrets to some people and we keep them from others. We also hear others' secrets and some of that information we keep to ourselves and some we share. This talk documents the patterns in those acts of secret sharing and secret keeping. It further shows how all of these individual acts can aggregate to misperceptions about one's social network and contribute to a stasis in public opinion.

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