Preparing for Your LMSW Exam

The Silberman School of Social Work offers an extensive LMSW test-prep program for its graduating students and alumni.   The program focuses on all aspects of the test prep process that you need to master in order to pass the LMSW licensing exam.  Our comprehensive program is available only to those who have obtained a MSW degree from the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College.  Therefore, we urge you to take advantage of this service.

Some of you may have heard that you cannot study for this test, or that practice beforehand is not necessary.  This simply is NOT true.  The LMSW exam is a standardized test, which means that there are standard ways to prepare for it -- via content review, proven methods and strategies with which to approach and tackle the questions, time management skills, anxiety reduction techniques and that most important component of test preparation – practice.  Multiple choice exams of all kinds demand mastery of the same skill sets, and these skills are developed through concentrated practice in small increments over time.

Following are the free workshops and seminars that we give once every semester.  We send out several e-blasts for each event as dates, times and spaces are confirmed.

  • An all day content review that covers areas making up 60-65% of the exam.
  • A Human Behavior intensive that was developed in response to student/alumni input.
  • A workshop on filling out the application that must be submitted to the State of New York before you can register for the exam.  This is coupled with an introduction to a test-taking strategies session.
  • A full 4-hour practice test that will help you understand what it feels like to take the exam.

In addition to these free sessions, for $100 we offer a 6-week course throughout the year,
Practice and Process, in which you will practice and process hundreds of questions.  In order to pass the LMSW exam you need to know more than the content covered on the exam.  You need to practice integrating test-taking strategies and stress reduction techniques with your theoretical and practical knowledge of social work.  This course is designed to:

  • Help you recall and review social work knowledge and skills.
  • Refine your capacity to apply test-taking strategies to the material.
  • Learn ways to recharge your mind and maintain a positive focus.
  • Provide 12 hours of practice in order for you to integrate the above three aspects of the test preparation process.

Practice and Process does not teach “to” the test; rather it teaches the skills and knowledge that you need to be successful “on” the test.  In other words, these classes are not a continuation of your coursework.  They are practice sessions using questions that closely mirror the exam which you answer and discuss in class.  This course helps you understand exactly what to expect, making for a much less stressful experience.  To be competitive in the social workforce you need to pass your licensing exam, and it will be a lot easier to pass if you’re thoroughly prepared.  Don’t short-cut preparing for this exam.  It’s your future.  Get the most out of it.

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For more information, please contact:

Holly Fancher, LMSW & MSEd
Licensing Specialist, Silberman School of Social Work @ Hunter College/CUNY.