Our Focus - To Prepare caseworkers & foster parents...

We focus on the critical need to introduce, promote and reinforce positive youth development strategies, independent living programs and self sufficiency training models for adolescents transitioning from foster care to independence.

Our training activities, statewide Independent Living library
resources, and technical assistance also focus on responding
to needs identified in the New York State Chafee Plan, including:

  • how to improve linkages between the education, employment, housing and the child welfare system's independent living programs to facilitate achievement of each youth's discharge planning goals;
  • how to provide staff with experiential learning opportunities for young people in all areas of independent living;
  • how to emphasize and encourage work experiences and a work ethic in all activities;
  • how to create opportunities for youth in care to explore interests, hobbies, sports, and special talents that may identify marketable skills as well as appropriate leisure activities
  • how to improve the quality of strength-based assessments so that a meaningful case plan can be developed, implemented and completed for and with each youth prior to discharge;
  • how to expand uses of daily living opportunities by youth in care for problem solving, decision making and empowerment..