Training and Technical Assistance

Through our Partnership with the Office of Children and Family Services we offer training, technical assistance and lending library services to all New York City's Administration for Children's Services contract agency and direct care providers of Life Skills and youth development services to adolescents in foster care.

Our package of training, technical assistance and library resources support active learning approaches that are responsive to individual needs, such as how to:

  • instruct each student at his/her own pace,
  • respond to different learning styles,
  • use interactive techniques, and
  • become more learner centered.

Technical Assistance

Is customized and delivered on request and may include:

  • Individual consultation with Life Skills staff of child welfare agencies;
  • Strengths/needs assessments of overall Life Skills Programs as well as individual youth planning and outcome measurements;


Is customized and delivered on request and may include:

  • A Full Monthly Calendar of Trainings on an Array of Life Skills
    Issues (Click here for the latest Calendar)
  • Life Skills Curriculum for Foster Parents
  • Fostering successful transitions
  • design, development and delivery of team training for staff;
  • agency-based training on a variety of specialized curricula, including Introduction to Self-Sufficiency and Positive Youth Development;.
  • design, development and implementation of Life Skills Program;
  • review and upgrading of existing Life Skills training for staff and youth
  • development of retreats for staff or youth.