Graduation Checklist

At the beginning of your final semester, you will need to start thinking about graduation. Students are advised to apply for graduation within the first few weeks of their final semester. To apply, students simply need to complete their Degree Audit Form and bring it to the Student Services Office on the 3rd floor of Silberman. Please check to be sure you have completed all four of the required workshops for graduation from the MSW program. All workshops are offered at the Silberman SSW. If you have questions as to whether you have fulfilled your requirements or you need a list of remaining workshops, please contact the Student Affairs office at Silberman SSW.

I. Required Workshops for Graduation

Multicultural Social Work Practice and Diversity Orientation: This workshop, also referred to as Diversity, Power and Privilege, is offered during new student orientation for all incoming students in August. It is also offered in January for incoming Accelerated program students. This is the first required workshop that students must complete upon entering the MSW program; it provides a framework for much of the learning that will follow during the course of your MSW studies.

Ethics in Social Work Practice: Provided in the Practice Lab, this lecture and the accompanying assignment, provides an overview of social work ethics in practice. For students who do not take the Practice Lab (Advanced Standing students), the lecture is available on a CD and can be obtained from the Student Affairs Office. Students will also be required to complete a short written assignment.

Mandated Reporter Training: Reporting Child Abuse, Maltreatment, and Neglect:This workshop is mandated not only by the School but also by the state as a requirement for licensure. It is offered to students in the first semester of their program in the school.

Economic Literacy in the Human Services: Offered on-line, this is a curriculum rich in information for the social work practitioner. It is something you will want to refer to during and after your time at Silberman.

II. Degree Audit Form: Link to Forms page of Student Affairs section