Education Center for Community Organizing (ECCO)

Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College
2180 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10035
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The Education Center for Community Organizing (ECCO) at Hunter College School of Social Work in New York City was founded in 1982 to strengthen the effectiveness of organizers in the neighborhoods and human service agencies. ECCO has assisted over 5,000 human service workers and community organizers through workshops, conferences, festivals, forums, consultations, written materials, training and skills development.


What is ECCO?

  • a resource for organizers
  • consultation and training
  • an initiator of new projects to build organizers' skills and knowledge
  • video, audio & print library & training materials

What We Have Done:

  • Monthly Organizers' Coffee House Series
  • Basic Organizing Skills Series
  • Conferences on Organizing in Diverse Society
  • The Coalition Project (see below)
  • Computers For Social Change Network
  • A Celebration of Organizing in the Eighties: The Life of Saul Alinsky
  • The Women Organizers' Project (see below)
  • Resource Files and Library
  • Film and Video Festivals
  • Community Organizers' Exchange Days
  • Child Welfare Organizing Project
  • Organizers' Technology Exchange (OTEX)
  • On-Line Reports and Papers (see below)

Special ECCO Initiated Projects


On-Line Reports & Research

Community organizing strategies and case examples in addressing issues relating to asthma

Community and Labor Organizing: Trends and Techniques for the Classroom & Field, 1998-2000.


Integrating Distance Learning Technologies Into Community Organizing-1999- 2000


Basic Principles for Organizing: Perspectives from Practice.


Community Organizing: For A Change (a career guide)


Educating for Social Change: The Impact of an Innovtive Interdisciplinary Community Organizing Course on Hunter Students' Career and Civic Pursiuts. (with Andrea Case); Presented at ACOSA Symposium at Council on Social Work Education, 1999


An Innovative Model for Teaching A Community Organizing Course at Hunter College (with Christina Danguilan, MPH), 1998.

The Coalition Project Coalitions: Enhancing Capacity and Effectiveness
The research and training project which started in 1985 develops and refines techniques to help diverse organizations work together more effectively through its research, training, and publications (with Beth Rosenthal).
Strategic Partnerships: Building Effective Collaborations and Coalitions
Content: Definitions; Advantages and disadvantages; Essential components of coalition development; Successful coalitions; Planning suggestions for structuring interagency collaborations; Managing dynamic tensions; Recommended readings; (250 pages)
Cost: $35.00

Computers For Social Change (CFSC) Network
Since 1986 the CFSC Network has promoted the use and accessibility of information technology as a tool for community organizing, empowerment, and progressive social change. Directory and database available.

The Women Organizers' Project
Founded in 1987, the Women Organizers' Project serves as an information clearing house, conducts research on Feminist organizing, holds workshops and support groups, and produces written and video materials to strengthen women's roles as organizers and leaders.
Publications & Video
Women, Organizing, and Diversity: Struggling with the Issues
(30 min. Video)
Women, Organizing video script
Women, Organizing, and Diversity
(Workbook and Guide to accompany video, 88 pages)
Women Organizers: A Beginning Collection of References and Resources (34 pages)
Women on the Advance: Highlights of a Conference of Fifty Women Organizers from Across the Country (32 pages)
Women Resources Books *PDF
A Framework for Feminist Organizing *PDF

* PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat to view. If you do not have it click here for free download.

Cost: $65.00 for all materials

The Child Welfare Organizing Project (CWOP)
Begun in 1995 by ECCO, the purpose of the Child Welfare Organizing Project is to organize and empower clients of the child welfare system to influence its policies and programs. CWOP is now an independent organization, giving voice to parents whose children are at risk for, or are in, foster placement.
Michael Arsham, Executive Director email:
80 E 110 ST #1E
New York, NY 10029
Phone: 212-348-3000

For Additional Networking Resources:
See The Association For Community Organization and Social Administration
ACOSA Website:

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