Organizers' Technology Exchange by Computers for Social Change(CFSC)

Monday, December 8th, 1997

During the introductions, everyone shared their interests and expertise. It was clear there could be many important uses for computers that would benefit organizers: networking, posting information and requests on-line, using public data and producing maps of their neighborhoods, producing newsletters, fliers, letters, data-bases, web-pages. Many present had resources available - Team Tech, NY Cares; I*EARN (which was thanked for donating the modems), Non-Profit Computing, among others.


Kristina Berger, Director of Program Development at New York Cares
Megan Chambers, Director of Community Organizing at Cypress Hills LDC
Cecil Corbin-Marks, West Harlem Environmental Development Corp.
Sandra Cobb, Board Member of the Lennox Terrace Association of Concerned Tenants
Marty DeBenedictis, NYPIRG Computer Mapping Assistance Project
Tekla Devai, HCSSW Student Intern at the Education Center for Community Organizing (ECCO)
Veronica Fellerath, Research Associate at MDRC
Adrienne Fitzgerald, Senior Case Manager at University Settlement House
John L German, Director of Non-Profit Computing INC.
Lisa Jobson, Program Coordinator at The International Education and Resource Network (I*EARN)
John Hannan, Director of Finance & Strategic Planning at New York Cares
James Hart, Technical Consultant at VISTA/Team TECH
Kayza Kleinman, Technical Assistance Coordinator at the Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island
Jamie McClelland, Technology and Policy Specialist at Libraries For the Future
Terry Mizrahi, a CFSC Coordinator of OTEX and Director of the Education Center for Community Organizing (ECCO)
Charles Newman, CFSC Planning Committee
Radha Pillai, Member of the United Way of NYC/Americorps*VISTA/Team TECH
Jagdish Parikh, Computer Consultant at Praxis Consulting
Elena Nogvera Pigem from International Education and Resource Network (I*EARN)
Dulce Reyes, Community Organizer at Community Voices Heard
Steven Romalewski, Community Mapping Coordinator at NYPIRG
Yuri Romanenkov, IEARN Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)
Alissa Rosenberg, Technology Coordinator at Legal Services
Alvin Shatkin, Volunteer at SeniorNet, Kingsbridge Heights Community Center
Desiree Smitherman, an NYU Social Work Student Intern at the Neighborhood Youth & Family Services
Priscilla Stadler, Coordinator at Praxis Consulting
Seth Thompson, Business Manager at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts
Erla Tobin from VISTA/Team TECH
Kallen Tsikalas, a CFSC Coordinator of OTEX from EDC/Center for Children and Technology
Clifford Wadkins, Chair of the Bronx Tenants for Affordable Housing
Howard Walters, Consultant at The Central Brooklyn HDFC&TIL Network
Michael Ward, Director of Information at the Rockefeller Technology Project
Leo Witlarge, Artist/Musician

Last revision: March 13, 1998