• Ph.D, University of Michigan, Social Work and Political Science
  • MSW, University of Michigan

Areas of Expertise

  • Community organizing for the 21st century
  • Transformative models of agency leadership
  • Child welfare: improving front line practice/ issues of racial disparity and disproportionality
  • Ending the macro-micro divide through mindful practice
  • Cultural competency & cultural humility

Courses Include

  • Practice Lab with An Anti-Oppression Lens (co-chair with Dr. Samuel Aymer)
  • Community Organization, Planning, & Development
  • Political Economy of Social Welfare

Recent Scholarship

  • Burghardt, S (in press). Macro Practice in Social Work for the 21st Century.  2nd edition,  Thousand Oaks, Cal.: Sage Publishers.

  • Burghardt, S (2011) Blues-influenced reflections on the negative impact of racism on white identity. Ann Arbor Consortium on Directions of Community Practice in the 21st Century, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

  • Burghardt, S (2010). Macro Practice in Social Work for the 21st Century. Thousand Oaks, Cal.: Sage Publishers.

  • Burghardt, S & Fabricant, M (2009). Building parent power to transform public education:
    The story of CC9 & the struggle towards New York City school reform. Journal of Community Practice, v XII.

  • Burghardt, S (2009). Which side are you on: The social work profession and the labor movement in the 21st century. Social Work Community Organizing in the 21st Century, Marie Weil, eds (New York, Longman).

Current Research

  • Safety and Risk Assessment of Front-Line Child Welfare Staff (2008-present)
    Sponsor: NY State office of Children & Family Services.

  • Neighborhood-Based Services: An Investigation of Community Based Initiatives in Child Welfare (2006)
    Sponsor: New Jersey Department of Human Services

  • Developing Capacity of Front-line Community Based Network Planners (2004)
    Sponsor: New York Administration for Children’s Services

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Steve Burghardt

Steve Burghardt, PhD



Phone: 212.396.7524

Room: 410