• PhD, Columbia University
  • MS, Columbia University School of Social Work

Areas of Expertise

  • Practive-Research Intergration
  • Research Utilization
  • Clinical Data-Mining (CDM)

Current Scholarship

Current Research

  • Training Workshops to Hong Kong Hospital Authority Social Workers
    In October 2012, I will be offering training workshops to Hong Kong Hospital Authority Social Workers in Practice-based Research and Clinical Data-Mining and research-capacity building in Hong Kong hospitals. In addition, I will be lecturing on the knowledge generated by CDM at the University of Hong Kong and consulting with PhD students employing this method. In 2013, I will be doing the same for the Hospital Authority of Singapore.

  • Clinical Data-Mining with Pediatric Transplant Social Workers
    Closer to home, I will be conducting a CDM project with with pediatric transplant social workers at Mt. Sinai Hospital and offering an on-going practice-based research training seminar for Mt Sinai staff and participants in Mt. Sinai's International Leadership and Enhancement and Exchange Program. That program brings senior social workers in health and mental health from Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, New Zealand and Singapore to the United States to develop their leadership, managerial and research capacities.

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Irwin Epstein

Irwin Epstein, PhD



Helen Rehr Professor of Applied Social Work Research

Phone: 212.396.7560

Room: 606