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Silberman’s faculty members are distinguished as teachers, scholars, trainers, clinicians, consultants, program evaluators, researchers, and community organizers. They are active in a wide range of agencies and civic organizations locally and globally. We are proud that our faculty is one of the most diverse social work faculties in the country. Please click on the faculty name to view their full profile.

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Mimi Abramovitz, D.S.W., Bertha Capen Reynolds Professor of Social Work
Areas of Expertise: History US Welfare State The Impact of Neoliberalism on the US Welfare State; Contemporary Social Welfare Policy Issues; Low Income Women's Activism; and Class, Race, Gender and Social Welfare Policy
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Robert Abramovitz, M.D., Distinguished Lecturer and  Co-Director of the National Center for Social Work Trauma Education and Workforce Development
Areas of Expertise: Child Trauma; Impact of Adversity: Violence, Poverty, and Racism on Individuals, Communities, and Organizations; Individual and Community Resilience; Field Effectiveness Studies of Innovative Service Programs; Academic/Community Research Partnerships; and Effects of Media on Children
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Samuel R. Aymer, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Areas of Expertise: Intimate Partner Abuse; Trauma/Community Violence; Mental Health/Clinical Practice; Application of Psychodynamic Theories in Clinical Practice with Diverse Client Populations; and Clinical Practice with Men and Adolescent Males
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James A. Blackburn, Ph.D., Professor
Areas of Expertise: Gerontology and Family Development Across the Life-Span
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Martha Bragin, Ph.D., LCSW, Associate Professor
Areas of Expertise: Psychosocial interventions that support resilience in communities affected by conflict, disaster and adversity, building locality based social work capacity in countries in crisis, participatory research methods, and developmentally and culturally informed interventions
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Stephen Burghardt, Ph.D.,Professor
Areas of Expertise: Organizational Change; Neighborhood-Based Collaborations; and Leadership Development

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Mary M. Cavanaugh, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Associate Professor
Areas of Expertise: Intimate Partner Violence; Prevention for Males at Risk of Violence; Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention; Batterers Intervention; and Mental Health
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Irene Chung, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Areas of Expertise: Asian Americans: Indigenous Practice; Mental Health; and Suicidology

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Elizabeth Danto, Ph.D., Professor
Areas of Expertise: Historical Research Methods; History of Urban Mental Health; and Postmodernism in Social Work

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Patricia L. Dempsey, D.S.W., Associate Professor
Areas of Expertise: Child Abuse and Neglect Treatment and Prevention; Adolescent Partner Violence; Teen Pregnancy and Prevention; Clinical Practice with Urban Youth and Families; and Adolescent Sexuality

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Sarah-Jane Dodd, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Areas of Expertise: Social Work Ethics; Social Welfare Policy; LGBT Policy and Practice Issues; Practice-Based Research; and Program Evaluation
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Ilze Earner, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Areas of Expertise: Child Welfare and Immigration
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Irwin Epstein, Ph.D., Professor
Areas of Expertise: Practice-Research Integration and Research Utilization
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Michael Fabricant, Ph.D., Professor
Areas of Expertise: Housing and Homelessness; The Political Economy and Culture of Non Profits; Juvenile Delinquency; Urban Public Education; Community and Labor Organizing; and Qualitative Research
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Kristin M. Ferguson-Colvin, Ph.D.,Associate Professor
Areas of Expertise: Homeless and Street-living Youths; Vocational Intervention Development with Homeless Youths; Social Enterprises; International Social Work and Social Development; and Social Capital
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Daniel Gardner, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Areas of Expertise:
Social Gerontology, Palliative and End-of-Life Care, Psychosocial Oncology, Family Healthcare Decision-Making, and Health and Mental Health Policy
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Caroline Rosenthal Gelman, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Areas of Expertise: Caregiving; Supportive Intervention for Caregivers; Social Work Practice with Latinos; Aging; and Use of Technology in Pedagogy

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Nancy Giunta, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Areas of Expertise: Aging and Community; Long Term Care Policy; Home and Community-Based Service System; and Collaborative Systems Change

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Manny J. Gonzalez, D.S.W., Associate Professor
Areas of Expertise: Mental Health/Mental Illness; Application of Developmental and Psychodynamic Theories to Contemporary Clinical Practice; Health and Psychological Well-Being of Hispanics in the United States; Impact of Parental Mental Illness on Children; and Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

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Harriet Goodman, D.S.W., Associate Professor
Areas or Expertise:
Distance Education; Child Welfare; Pedagogy of Research; Qualitative Research Methods; and Evidence Based Practice
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Bernadette Hadden, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Areas of Expertise: HIV and AIDS Prevention Interventions Among Persons of Color; Program Evaluation of Non-profit Organizations; and Providing Training to Community-based Organizations in HIV Prevention

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Dan Herman, Ph.D., Professor and Associate Dean for Scholarship & Research Areas of Expertise: Mental Health Services Research; Intervention Research; Severe Mental Illness; and Homelessness
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Paul Kurzman, Ph.D.,Professor
Areas of Expertise: Management of Public & Nonprofit Organizations; Occupational Social Work Policy and Practice; Ethical and Risk-Management Issues in Professional Practice; Employee Assistance Program Effectiveness and Impact of Licensing on Social Workers and Social Agencies

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Kenny Kwong, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Areas of Expertise: Culture, immigration, substance abuse, health, & metal health in the Asian American community; Reverse-migration separation and its effects upon Chinese immigrant parents and children and Practice-based research in health disparity
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Marina Lalayants, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Areas of Expertise:
Child Welfare in Developing Countries; Case Consultation in Child Protection; Organizational Management; and Program Evaluation
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Michael A. Lewis, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Areas of Expertise: Quantitative Methods, Social Policy and Civic Engagement

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Gerald P. Mallon, D.S.W., Professor
Areas of Expertise: Child Welfare; Policy Development and Analysis with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People and Practice with Children, Youth, and Families
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James M. Mandiberg, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Areas of Expertise: Social Enterprise, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Social Movement Studies, Community and Economic Development, and Social Sector Planning and Development
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Terry Mizrahi, Ph.D., Professor
Areas of Expertise: Interdisciplinary Collaboration; Community Organizing; Social Work and Health Care; Social Work and Activism; and Coalition Building

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Jacqueline B. Mondros, D.S.W., Dean and Professor
Areas of Expertise: Community Organization, Planning, and Development; Direct Practice; and Social Work with Groups
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Carmen Morano, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Areas of Expertise:
Familial Caregiving Stress and Burden; Developing and Implementing Evidence Based Interventions in Community-Based Settings; Mental Health of Older Adults; and Care Transitions from Acute Medical Settings to Community Based Care
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George Patterson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Areas of Expertise: Police Social Work; Criminal Justice; and Stress and Coping Among Police Officers and Recruits

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Ana Paulino, Ed.D., Associate Professor
Areas of Expertise:
Research; Clinical Practice; Dominican Families in the United States; School Based Social Work Practice; Family Development Across the Life-Span; Death and Dying; Spirituality; and Childhood Developmental Disorders
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Juan B. Peña, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Areas of Expertise:
Suicidal Behavior; Adolescent Mental Health; Latino Mental Health; and Cultural Globalization
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Jonathan Prince, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Areas of Expertise: Mental Health and Old Adults
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Judith Rosenberger, Ph.D., Professor
Areas of Expertise: Psychodynamic Practice Perspectives on Development and Adult Functioning; Sub-Specializations in Learning Disabilities, Substance Abuse, Couples; Psythopathology: Beyond the DSM IV; Contemporary Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Theories

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Anthony Sainz, D.S.W., Associate Professor
Areas of Expertise:
Cultural Competency; Substance Abuse Among Incarcerated Persons and Female Adolescents; Narrative Lives of Women Out of Prison; Childhood Trauma; Research Methodology, Spirituality and Healing, and Evaluation of Practice
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Andrea Savage, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Areas of Expertise:
Program Evaluation and Practice Based Research;Organizational Management/Management Theory; Substance Abuse Treatment and Organization; and Service Delivery to Women with Co-Occurring Disorders and Trauma
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Roger J. Sherwood, D.S.W., Associate Professor
Areas of Expertise:
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; Veterans; Trauma; and Addictions
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Philip Swan, M.L.S., Associate Professor
Area of Expertise: Library Education-Bibliographic Instruction
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Willie Tolliver, D.S.W., Associate Professor
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Deborah L. Tolman, Ed.D., Professor
Areas of Expertise:
Adolescent Development; Gender Development; Sexuality in Adolescence; Women's Sexuality; Female Adolescent Depression and Self-esteem; and Embodiment
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Patricia J. Volland, M.S.W., Visiting Distinguished Lecturer & Director of Social Work Leadership Institute (website)
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Roderick Watts, Ph.D., Professor
Areas of Expertise:
Youth Civic and Socio-Political Development, Men and Masculinity, African-Centered Youth Programs, and Participatory Action Research and Liberation Psychology
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Senior Staff Directory

Shelley Horwitz, M.S.W., Director of Training

Lauren Mazer, M.S.W., Director of Alumni and Career Services

Gwen L. Mitchell, M.S.W., Assistant Director of Enrollment and Recruitment

Chickie Piazza, Executive Assistant to the Dean & Chief Operating Officer

Abby Miller, M.S.W, LCSW, Assistant Director of Field Education

Kanako Okuda, M.S.W, LCSW, Director of Field Education

Donna Contreras-Aguirre, LCSW, Interim Director of Student Services

Rob Lorey, LMSW, Assistant Director of Student Affairs

Nireata Seals, Ed.D., Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management/Records