• DSW, University of Pennsylvania
  • MSW, University of Pennsylvania

Areas of Expertise

  • Community Organization, Planning, and Development
  • Direct Practice
  • Social Work with Groups

Recent Scholarship

  • Mondros, J. (2012). Social, legislative, and political action. In Weil, M. (ed.) The Handbook of Community Practice. NY: Columbia University Press. NY: Sage Publications.

  • Mondros, J. (2008). Introduction to a Dissertation: Posing Questions on Perceived Empowerment and Community Problem Solving. In Cnaan, R., Dichter, M., and Draine, J (eds.) A Century of Social Work and Social Welfare at Penn. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.

  • Mondros, J. (2008). Principles and practice guidelines for social action. In Roberts, A. and Greene, G. (eds.) The Social Workers' Desk Reference. NY: Oxford University Press.

  • Mondros, J and Staples, L. (2008). Community organization. In Davis, L and Mizrahi , T. (eds.) Encylcopedia of Social Work. NY: Oxford University Press.

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Jacqueline B. Mondros

Jacqueline B. Mondros, DSW


Dean and Professor

Room: 405