• Ph.D., Psychology (Clinical-Community). University of Maryland, College Park, MD.

Areas of Expertise

  • Youth Civic and Socio-Political Development
  • Men and Masculinity
  • African-Centered Youth Programs
  • Participatory Action Research
  • Liberation Psychology

Current Scholarship

Current Research

  • Youth Organizing: An International Resource for Youth Development and Civic Engagement (2011-14)
    This international study of youth sociopolitical development and action is aimed at understanding how organizational settings and youth-adult relationships contribute to enduring commitments to civic and political action among marginalized youth in the USA, Ireland, and South Africa.
    Sponsors: Atlantic Philanthropies, The Cricket Foundation, and the Hazen Foundation.

  • The Sankofa Project on Rites of Passage
    This evaluation research study that also includes consultation services aims to (1) track the development of the Institute's capacity to serve as a national clearinghouse for culture-centered rites of passage interventions for youth, and (2) define and develop evidence-based rites of passage interventions
    Spnosor: National Rites of Passage Institute

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Roderick Watts

Roderick Watts, PhD



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