Silberman Building Room Reservation

General Terms and Conditions 
Your request for space is filled on a first-come, first-served basis. We will try to honor requests for a special facility, but will always reserve the most appropriate space for your event. Hunter College reserves the right to move your event to another location, if deemed necessary.
Reservation requests for a future semester may not be honored until the class schedule for that semester is complete.
Please note that Central Reservation policies apply when utilizing any space at Hunter College. If you are authorized to submit request online, you are responsible for connecting with Central Reservation to ensure all the proper paperwork (if any) is submitted. Failure to submit the proper documents may result in the cancellation of the reservation and the requested space may be allocated to another party. You will be liable for booking an event that doesn’t meet the Terms and Conditions of Central Reservations policies.
If you have any questions regarding Central Reservation policies, please contact the Office of Central Reservations at 212-772-4872.
Reservation requests for the Silberman building are submitted online. Access to the online Silberman building reservation system must be granted by a Dean, Department Chair or the Registrar.
For all Silberman building reservation inquiries, please email

Silberman Building Room Schedule  
Silberman Class & Event ScheduleDisplays the location and time of classes and events in the Silberman building. Special access is not required.

Silberman Building Reservation Request Forms  

  • Priority Reservation Request Form This form tentatively reserves the requested space upon submission until confirmed by the Registrar. Access to this form must be authorized by a Dean or the Registrar. 
  • Standard Reservation Request Form– This form does not tentatively reserve a space upon submission and the requestor should indicate the space(s) they prefer. Space is allocated by the Registrar.
  • Dean’s Conference Room Form – This form is restricted only to the offices of the Dean of Social Work and the Dean of the Public Health.