Permanence for Young People
In June 2004 the National Resource Center for Family-Centered Practice and Permanency Planning and the Casey Center for Effective Child Welfare Practice at Casey Family Services co-sponsored a meeting of experts in the field of youth permanency to develop a framework and measurements that can be used by public child welfare agencies throughout the country to improve practice. We believe that such a framework for practice, combined with a way to measure results, will be particularly helpful to States seeking to prepare and implement Program Improvement Plans in response to the Child and Family Service Reviews. The experience and expertise in permanence for young people represented at the meeting provide the guidance to develop this comprehensive national framework and outcome measures.

Our thanks to the experts who attended the meeting and crafted these documents:

Dottie Ansell
National Resource Center for Youth Services

Rosemary Avery
Weiss Presidential Fellow
Department of Policy Analysis and Management, Cornell University

Sue Badeau
Deputy Director
Pew Commission for Foster Care

Kathy Barbell
Senior Program Director: Program Operations
Child Welfare League of America

Margaret Barrie
Kinship Caregiver

Deanna Bedell Permanency Planning Program Manager
Washington State Children's Administration

Kevin Campbell
Catholic Community Services of Western Washington

Sarah Cedano

Lynne Echenberg
Legal Aid Society, Juvenile Rights Division

Jenny Gordon
Family Support Section Manager
Ramsey County Human Services Department

Maureen Heffernan
Executive Director
Family Builders Adoption Network

Chester Jackson
Associate Executive Director
You Gotta Believe!

Cheryl Jacobson
State Child Welfare Administrator
Colorado Department of Human Services

Joe Kroll
Executive Director
North American Council on Adoptable Children

Drenda Lakin
National Resource Center for Special Needs Adoption

Angela LeBeau
Parent Leader
Sacramento, CA 95832

Pamela Maxwell
Parent Leader
Sacramento, CA 95823

Jackie McCray
Resource Management/Recruitment Administration
Cuyahoga County, OH Department of Children and Family Services

Brenden McKinney
Administrator of Protected Services-Wyoming Department of Family Services
Director-Casey Family Programs; Cheyenne Field Office

Isabelle Medchill
Casey Family Programs

Holly Merz
Permanency Specialist
Casey Family Programs

Jennifer Miller
Cornerstone Consulting Group

Joan Morse
National Resource Center for Foster Care and Permanency Planning

Robin Nixon
National Foster Care Coalition

Rita Powell
Senior Director
Jim Casey Youth Alternatives

Onie Riley

Reina Sanchez
Youth Organizer
California Youth Connections

Also participating from the co-sponsoring organizations:

Sarah Greenblatt and Lauren Frey
Casey Center for Effective Child Welfare Practice at Casey Family Services

Gerald P. Mallon, Susan Dougherty, and Jenifer Agosti
National Resource Center for Foster Care and Permanency Planning

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