Play: The Royal Road to the Inner Life of a Child

Silberman SSW in collaboration with JBFCS

Instructor: Gilbert M. Foley, EdD   |  Schedule: TBA | $350 | Course Code: SWPLAY

Location: JBFCS - 34 West 139th Street (between 5th Avenue and Malcolm X Boulevard)

This course explores play as a concept, as a projective window into the inner life of the child, and as a modality for promoting growth, development and corrective experience. Constructed around the "Using the Supportive Play Model" co-authored by Margaret K. Sheridan, Gilbert Foley, and Sarah H. Radlinski (1995) and focused on play and the emotional and inner life of the child, we will explore the implications of play across developmental domains and the myriad ways it serves the child - "a means to learning and mastery, a dress rehearsal for life, a way to dream and create, a form of regulation, a way to come face-to-face with the forbidden, the magical and miraculous, so that the elusive and sometimes frightening aspects of impulse and the inner life can be externalized and made knowable and manageable". We will also address the play of young children who have experienced emotional and physical trauma including abuse and neglect and domestic and community violence.

Course Highlights:

  • Acquire knowledge about play as theory, projective meaning, and modality of intervention.
  • Be able to use the Supportive Play Model as a way to analyze pay and formulate play interventions.
  • Learn and be able to implement a repertoire of therapeutic play strategies.
  • Acquire an understanding of how children develop a trauma narrative within individual or child-parent play psychotherapy.

About the Instructor:

Gilbert M. Foley, EdD is an Associate Professor of School Clinical-Child Psychology at Ferkauf Graduate School at Yeshiva University and Coordinator of its Infancy and Early Childhood Track and consults to the New York Center for Child Development. While serving as the Chief Psychologist in the Pediatric Department of the Medical College of Pennsylvania, he trained in psychoanalysis and also completed a fellowship at the Yale Child Study Center.

Dr. Foley‘s clinical and teaching career has been devoted in large part to working with infants, young children and their families. As the Director and Principle Investigator of the Family Centered-Resource Project, a federally funded dissemination and outreach program, Dr. Foley and his staff trained transdisciplinary teams of infant and early childhood professionals nationwide and established replication sites in over 15 states.

He lectures widely and serves as a faculty member of certificate programs in Infant Mental Health at JBFCS as well as the Institute for Parenting at Adelphi University and the Profectum Foundation DIR Institute.

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