Non-Matriculating Students

We encourage many applicants to take a non-matriculated course to enhance their knowledge of social work. Taking a non-matriculated course will give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the demands of our graduate program and build a foundation in social work.

There are usually three courses available to non-matriculated students: Social Policy, Human Behavior I, and Human Behavior II. A maximum of nine credits may be credited toward the MSW degree, if a student applies and is accepted into the matriculated program.

Your registration application must be accompanied by a copy of a diploma or transcript showing conferral of a bachelor’s degree. In the event of a foreign degree, applicants must provide an evaluation showing the equivalence of a bachelor’s degree.

Deadlines for the non-matriculating-student application:

  • Fall: July 1
  • Spring: December 1

Application for Graduate-Non-Matriculated Admission