How can I file for admission or readmission to Hunter College?

Please visit the Office of Admissions web page at for information on admission or readmission to Hunter College.

What is the cost of tuition and fees at Hunter College?

Please visit the Billing Page for information on tuition and fees. A Tuition Calculator is also available at this web page.

How can I view the Schedule of Classes?

You can view the searchable schedule of classes here. (this option may not work with all browsers)

You can also view the searchable schedule of classes by logging into your CUNYfirst account, select HR/Campus Solutions from the first menu after login, then click on Self Service ---> Student Center ---> Search for Classes (green button on the top right of the page.)

How do I register for courses?

To register for classes, log into your CUNYfirst account. There are two ways to register for classes in CUNYfirst. For help on how to register for classes, view:

  1. Registering for Classes guide (Option 1, PDF)
  2. Registering for Classes guide (Option 2, PDF)

When can I register for courses?

A semester/session registration date and time is based upon a student’s academic progress status as a currently enrolled student, is available at each student’s CUNYfirst account at After logging into CUNYfirst, select Self Service, then Student Center and you will see your registration dates listed on the right side under "Enrollment Dates."  Click "Details" for more information.  *Once your registration date and time has passed, it will no longer appear in your CUNYfirst account.  Currently enrolled students are notified of an upcoming semester/session registration at their Hunter College email accounts as this information becomes available. It is strongly suggested that all students seek advisement prior to their registration date and time.

You may register anytime on or after your appointment until the open registration cycle ends. You may not register before your posted date and time. Newly admitted degree students are notified of registration after they have paid a Commitment Fee by Graduate Admissions for graduate students and Advising Services for undergraduate students. Newly admitted and readmitted undergraduate non-degree and readmitted degree students as well as Senior Citizens are notified by Undergraduate Admissions. Readmitted graduate degree students and Graduate non-degree students are notified by Graduate Admissions.

How do I withdraw with a grade of W for a semester course(s)? 

After the drop and tuition refund period for a semester has ended, students may withdraw from a course(s) by visiting the Office of the Registrar to complete a withdrawal form. Withdrawal forms are available both inside and outside of the One Stop for Students, Room 217 North, after the drop and refund period and throughout the withdrawal period.

This form results in a grade of W and no refund of tuition. W grades are not calculated in a student’s GPA, however they may adversely influence a student’s ability to receive financial aid or impede progress toward degree completion.

How can I file for an EPermit to attend another CUNY college? 

Please visit the City University web page at and visit your CUNY Portal account for information on CUNY ePermit procedures.

How can I declare my major or minor? 

Please visit the "Forms" section of the One Stop for Students webpage for both the undergraduate major and minor forms. The graduate minor forms are also available on this page.  Forms should be submitted to your academic approval. After receiving signed academic approval and bring the completed form to the One Stop for Students, Room 217 North, during posted office hours.

Reminder: All students must present their Hunter College Student ID card for assistance with their record at the One Stop for Students.

Graduate students who are considering changing their major should visit the Graduate web page for more information. 

How do I receive my grades? 

As grades become available during and after the semester grading period, they are posted in your CUNYfirst account at It is the responsibility of each professor to submit grades for their courses so that they become available to students.

How and when should I apply for graduation? 

Degree Audit Forms are available for both Undergraduate and Graduate students at the forms page. It is strongly suggested that students read the instructions and recommendations.

How can I request a transcript?

You may request your transcript online here. The regular transcript fee is $7.00 per transcript (except to CUNY colleges – which are free). There is a $2.00 additional fee for this online service. Official transcripts mailed directly to CUNY colleges will only be charged the $2.00 service fee. Please visit the web page above for more information.