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Previously Funded Activities

Be inspired! Through the Hunter College Student Engagement initiatives, Hunter students have attended performances with their faculty, covered political conventions and presidential debates, presented papers at national and international conferences, and toured museums, parks, and preserves.

Co-curricular Activity Initiatives

Student Presentation Initiatives

Hunter's Acting Director of the Asian American Studies Program, Jennifer Hayashida, and students Zabrina Collazo, Jackie Fernandez, and Emil Marquita participated in the East of California Conference at the University of Connecticut

Student-Faculty Research Initiatives

In the past, Film and Media majors--Kisha Allison, Jackie Fernandez, and Jonathan Mena--covered the Democratic National Convention and the final Presidential Debate at Hofstra University as professional journalists. Check out some of their reports at

Last summer, Professor of Computer Science Susan Epstein and students Kenneth Cordero, Davis Quintanilla, and Allan Zelener made significant progress on Loqui, a wizard ablation dialog system project. For details, visit .