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Replacing an Officer

  • All clubs must hold elections to replace officers (use anyone of the approved online platforms that is on the Clubs Registration Instruction page).
  • Email with attached documentation of new election meeting minutes
  • Have the replacing officer(s) read and take the orientation/quiz
  • Hand in 1 new original signature profile form (SPF) to Student Activities at and cc: Latysha at (Must be typed with original signature in blue or black ink) Scroll down on instruction page for SPF
  • The replacing officer(s) must go to the CA website, read the CA handbook and take the CA Workshop Quiz.  CA office room(203TH)
  • The replacing officer(s) must complete SPARC. (ECertificates are no longer being issued. Officers may screenshot end of progress after modules and email to SPARC FAQ
  • If an officer is being replaced, all clubs must present proof of resignation or impeachment if the officer you are replacing was not informed they are no longer eligible to hold office.

*Please note that elected officers are expected to serve for a full academic year unless they become ineligible, resign or are impeached. 

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