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Ask Advisor Alex and Other Apt Advice for the Week of October 1, 2007

  • Students planning to graduate in spring 2008 should start thinking about completing requirements, applying for graduate school and/or the career search now! The Senior Year Network brings together academic advising, graduate school information, career preparation and degree auditing to help you plan for your graduation and post-Hunter life.
  • Advising-On-The Go starts this week! Advisors will be available around campus to answer quick questions and provide information as you speed from class to class. Mondays from 11:00am-1:00pm by the Cafeteria on the 3rd floor of the West building, and Wednesdays 11:00am-3:00pm in OASIS on the 2nd floor of the North building.

Ask Advisor Alex

Dear Advisor Alex:
I failed a PSYCH100 class last spring and I want to retake it so I can get rid of the grade. Can I take it on ePermit at Queensborough Community College?

Repeating Rita

Dear Repeating:
First, let me clarify that when you retake a course you failed, the F grade you received the first time will always appear on your transcript, but only the grade you received the second time will be calculated in your GPA. So, the grade is replaced in your GPA, but you can’t “get rid of it” on your transcript. Getting to your question, I’m afraid the answer is no. To replace a grade in your GPA you must take the same class at the same institution. Even though classes taken at other CUNYs on ePermit appear on your Hunter transcript with the grade, just as they were if they were taken at Hunter, they cannot be used for course repeat purposes. If you would like to repeat the PSYCH100 class, you’ll have to do it at Hunter, and once your final grade is in don’t forget to complete and submit the Course Repeat Form to have the grade replaced in your GPA.

Advisor Alex


Dear Advisor Alex:
I know I want to go into teaching, but I haven’t decided if I want to do teach elementary or high school. I am a freshman now and trying to decide what classes I can take in the spring that will work for either program.

Education Eddie

Dear Education:
It’s good that you are planning ahead for the education program, as there are a few things you need to have in place before you can apply. The first is the core requirements, many of which may be used to fulfill your GER. The other factor is your major. Before you can apply to either Education program, you need to declare a major in one of the approved subject areas. So in addition to taking classes for the core requirements, you should also start taking classes that may be necessary to declare your major. Faculty advisors from many departments, including Education, will be in The Sylvia E. Fishman Student Center the week of October 15-18th to talk to students about their majors and requirements. Contact the Student Center at 212-650-3282 for specific times, or contact the School of Education for more information:

Advisor Alex


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