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Ask Advisor Alex and Other Apt Advice for the Week of October 29, 2007

  • It’s Graduate and Professional School Information Week. If you are considering applying to graduate school, check out some of the workshops on how to apply and visit the Graduate and Professional School Fair in the West Lobby on Wednesday, 10/31, 2:00-5:30 pm.
  • BOO! Halloween stressing you out? Don’t eat more candy- check out the Stress-free Zone for a quiet space with calming music and aromatherapy. This and every Wednesday in 1214E.

Ask Advisor Alex

Dear Advisor Alex:
I need a job!

Starvin’ Marvin

Dear Starvin:
Clear enough! Start with the Career Development Center in Room 805 E to review their job listings, enroll in their part-time job bank, upload your résumé for eRecruiting and attend the Career Expo in the Hunter Sportsplex WB301 from 1:30-3:00 pm on November 7. Good luck! Visit the Career Development Services website for more information about their services.

Advisor Alex


Dear Advisor Alex:
I’m a new transfer student this semester, and I got a letter saying I need to take the CPE. What is the CPE? Do I have to take it so soon? I just got here?!

Shocked Shirley

Dear Shocked:
The CUNY Proficiency Exam (CPE) is an exam that tests reading comprehension, writing skills and chart/graph interpretation and evaluation, and it is required of all students pursuing a Bachelors degree at Hunter. You must take the CPE the first semester after you reach 45 credits, so if you transferred in with 45 credits or more, you are required to take the exam in your first semester. There are preparation materials, sample tests and test workshops available through the Testing Office:, so you should get started on getting a sense of what the test is like and how to prepare. Most students pass it the first time, but you may only take it 3 times and missing a scheduled exam counts as forfeiting one of your opportunities so do take it seriously!

Advisor Alex


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