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Ask Advisor Alex and Other Apt Advice for the Week of February 4, 2008

  • Avoid waiting in line in Student Services by scheduling an appointment with an advisor! All advisors are available for appointments starting February 5.

  • If you are planning to graduate this spring, start filling out your Degree Application Forms now at: Have an advisor check to make sure you have everything you need while you still have time to make changes.

Ask Advisor Alex

Dear Advisor Alex:
I went to my first classes this week and I’m a little worried about one of them. It’s a lot more work than I thought it was going to be, and I already have a heavy schedule with 16.5 credits. How long can I wait to decide if I want to drop it? What about financial aid?

Uncertain Uma

Dear Uncertain:
It’s good that you are keeping an eye on the big picture. Your financial aid won’t be affected because you have 16.5 credits, so dropping one class will still leave you with more than 12 credits, which is what you need to be full-time. You have until February 18th to drop a class, meaning it will be erased from your transcript. (But remember that the longer you wait the less money you get back!). You can do this right from your eSIMS account by using the “Drop” button. After February 18th, you will have until March 30th to withdraw from the class, with no refund. Information about withdrawing is at:

After you drop or withdraw from a course, check your eSIMS schedule to make sure you are no longer in the course. For the drop and withdrawal dates, you can always check the academic calendar:

Enjoy whichever classes you choose to keep.

Advisor Alex


Dear Advisor Alex:
This is my first week at Hunter and I am completely lost!  HELP!!

Disoriented Dan

Dear Disoriented:
Welcome to Hunter and don’t panic! It is hard to adjust to a new college, especially one as large and bustling as Hunter. When in doubt, advisors in Student Services (1119 East) or peer advisors in the Student Center (417 West) are great places to start. We can either answer your questions directly or refer you to someone who can. The Hunter website for Current Students is also a great resource:

Hunter can be intimidating at first, but you’ll get the hang of it. Just remember that you should ask, ask, ask, ask, ask!

Advisor Alex


For more advisement information or questions:

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Contact the Office of Student Services
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1119 East Building

Contact a peer advisor in the Sylvia E. Fishman Student Center
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417 West Building


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