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Hunter faculty assign grades according to the traditional system of letter grades (A, B, C, D, and F). Each letter grade has a corresponding weight that is used in calculating the Grade-Point Average (GPA).

Other Hunter grades are: CR, NC, W, WA, WU, WN, R, IN, FIN, Y, AUD, Z, and *. Because some of these are equivalent to grades of F and are calculated in the GPA, they may adversely affect your academic standing, eligibility for financial aid, and admission to a professional or graduate program.

If you have registered for a course but have not attended the course, or if you have stopped attending a course but have not formally withdrawn from the course thorough the Office of Adminstrative and Information Services (OASIS), you will earn a WU, which counts as a grade of F.

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For more information about Hunter's grading system and related regulations, visit the Registrar on-line, or consult the Hunter College Undergraduate Catalog. Also, see Course Repeat Rule.

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