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New York City Comptroller’s Fellowship Program

In collaboration with CUNY, the Office of New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer is launching a new fellowship program designed to give recent college graduates hands-on work experience, professional training, and enrichment programming. This unique opportunity will provide up-close experience in government auditing, accounting, policy making, financial management, and more, helping to build the next generation of New York City government professionals. Start your post-college career in the Comptroller’s Office. Start here, and then go anywhere!

Fellowship opportunities include positions in the following Bureaus of the Comptroller’s Office:
• Audit
• Public Policy, Press & Diversity
• Asset Management
• Accountancy
• Engineering
• Law and Adjustment & General Counsel’s Office
• Contract Administration
• Administration

Fellows will work 4 days a week (28 hours) at a rate of $21/hour.
Fellowship dates run from Oct. 5, 2020 - April 1, 2021.

Apply today at:

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)

As has always been the case, you can apply for unemployment insurance if you lost your job through no fault of your own. Additionally, on March 27, 2020 a law was signed that provides additional Unemployment Insurance ("UI") assistance to workers impacted by COVID-19.

Click here to learn more about the PUA


Resources for Remote Internships and Virtual Volunteers
Experience comes in many different forms. As you look toward the future, employers will be asking how you handled the changes in your plans and how you advanced your skills during COVID-19. Remote/virtual opportunities are one way to deal with this challenge and can be found on the following sites. As always, be sure to check out an organization thoroughly before applying.
IBM - Free Training to Update Skills
Having more time at home can provide an opportunity to update your computer skills to make you a more competitive candidate for internships and jobs. IBM is offering free online educational course opportunities including:
  • IBM Cloud
  • IBM Watson
  • IBM Watson IoT
  • IBM Systems
  • IBM Professional Skills
  • IBM Finance & Operations
  • IBM Watson Health
Check out and go to "Free Training to Update Skills"
Wix 1-1 Portfolio/Website Review
Welcome to the Wix Academic Partnerships. We work with colleges to help students become career ready with the digital skills to build their portfolio, brand or online busines.
Click Here to schedule a 1-1 portfolio/website review.
Getting hired was already tough before COVID-19. CUNY has partnered with Cisco, General Assembly, Revature and Accenture to launch an upskilling online resource to help students and grards become more desirable job applicants.
Click here to learn more about the upskilling program.

CDC Response Corps

The COVID Response Corps is a new, nationwide community-focused initiative to provide surge staffing and resources to support state, tribal, local, and territorial health departments on the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19. The Corps builds on and expands CDC’s current deployments to communities in need and is part of a multi-pronged approach to help enhance and complement the efforts of state, tribal, local, and territorial staff. This initiative will help health departments with the staffing resources they need for their programs to get and keep America open.

The COVID Response Corps will include CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service officers, Public Health Associate Program associates, and agency experts from other human resource pools. Corps members will augment health department teams and will engage in core public health functions, including

  • Conducting contact tracing
  • Providing infection prevention and control guidance
  • Staffing call centers
  • Providing COVID-19 education
Click here to learn more about the CDC Response Corps
NYS COVID-19 Contact Tracer Initiative
New York State has officially launched the NYS COVID-19 Contact Tracer Initiative in an effort to recruit 6,400 to 17,000 tracers to help prevent the spread of the virus.
The initiative will recruit staff for three positions:
NYC Housing - Resource Navigator
As part of the government-led COVID-19 relief efforts. We are actively seeking applicants for Resource Navigator and Supervisor roles. Navigators and supervisors will work collectively to identify needs among individuals affected by COVID-19 and connect them to additional resources and community-based solutions.
Application Instructions
1. Visit Login with an existing account, or register for a new account
2. You will receive a verification email confirming your registration. You must verify your account by clicking the link in this email within 24 hours of receiving it.
3. Once your account is registered, set up your log-in and create your profile.
4. Upload your resume/cover letter under the DOCUMENTS tab.
5. Apply for Navigator position(s) under the JOBS tab.

Preparing and Applying for Internships During COVID-19

  1. Reach out to employers you have applied to. Indicate your continued interset realizing there may be necessary changes and that you are open to working remotely if they are redesigning projects or assignments (if you are)
  2. Email and ask how best to stay in touch concerning the status of internship programs of interest
  3. If the organization's program is on pause, write back that you would be interested in being considered for a future semester and ask when to apply
  4. Set up Google alerts for organizations to keep informed on the status of their business and services in preparation for future interviews
  5. Participate in online webinars that some organizations may be offering - ask a question or comment - make yourself known
  6. Check CareerHunter, LinkedIn and job boards such as Indeed and Idealist often for new opportunities. Always check out the specific organizations' website before applying
  7. Be flexible - consider potential related occupations and internships in those areas as well
  8. Keep your network strong - stay in touch with past employers, colleagues and join groups on LinkedIn
  9. Check your Hunter emails for updates on employers, fairs, orientations and virtual information sessions
  10. Start making your wish list for future internships you can apply to
  11. Use this time for professional development to make yourself a stronger candidate
  12. Update your tech skills to increase your marketability in any field and be better prepared for possible remote projects
  13. Investigate and learn how to use remote platforms including ZOOM, Skype, Go to Meeting, Google Hangouts etc.
  14. Start or update your LinkedIn account
  15. Work on an independent project such as a blog, video, article, tech project - something that you can link to a resume and cover letter to distinguish yourself and your skills
  16. Collaborate with other students on a group project to demonstrate leadership or team work skills
  17. Seek out resources to learn more about your intended field such as Career Links on the CDS website, the Occupational Outlook Handbook, professional organizations
  18. Update your resume and cover letter and have it reviewed by CDS remotely
  19. Practice interviewing skills
  20. Contact CDS for assistance at·
Networking During COVID-19
Social distancing doesn't have to negatively affect your networking efforts. These days, many of us are spending more time online than ever before. Utilize this time to reconnect, reinforce and build your networks in preparation for applying to internship and job opportunities.
  1. Contact past employers and colleagues. Learn how their organizations have been affected during this period, what trends they are seeing and share what you are learning and doing

  2. Check out professional organizations in your intended field. Check out free webinars you can join
  3. Join LinkedIn groups

  4. Send thank you messages for any advice or information that you recieve
  5. Keep in periodic contact with your network - send links to articles or information that you see that could be useful to them
  6. Building and strengthening your network now will contribute positively to your present and future internship and job searches

Bolstering Your Experience During COVID-19 In Preparation for Your Fall Internship

In any hiring market, it is important to have skills and experience that will distinguish you from other candidates. During COVID-19 some of the usual ways to build on your experience such as internships, volunteer work and part time jobs are temporarily more limited. However, there are still many ways· you can get experience and build your resume in preparation for future internships and also demonstrate how you can be proactive:

  1. Check out faculty research projects on department websites. Email professors to ascertain if you can be of assistance remotely

  2. Share your skill set - If you are proficient in a particular skill, teach others via a video on YouTube

  3. Some K-12 students need assistance with certain subject matter. Be entrepreneurial and consider private tutoring
  4. If you utilize social media platforms, check with organizations you have worked or volunteered with in the past. See if you can be of assistance with updates on their websites or social media posts
  5. Create your own website - post articles, blogs, projects, videos or interviews and increase your online presence. Students who can show creative ways of gaining experience and who can discuss this on future interviews will be able to impress employers with their work ethic and initiative

Effective Strategies for Remote Internships

  1. Do not respond to unsolicited emails offering internship opportunities. Seek out established organizations you wish to apply to and contact them directly

  2. For those who previously applied for internships and have not heard back, consider contacting them as to the status of your application and possibility of remote projects

  3. Check with your faculty advisor as to whether your remote internship will meet academic credit requirements through a written description of your project responsibilities and organization supervisor contact information

  4. Once accepted, be sure to be clear on project responsibilities and timelines for project completion
  5. Set up a schedule and routine to structure your work
  6. When possible, set up to work in an area of your home with the fewest distractions
  7. Discuss a supervision schedule with your organization supervisor - when, how often and how best to contact. Is your supervisor available as questions come up or should they be saved for supervision meetings? How will your project supervisor monitor progress and provide feedback?
  8. If working on a team project, determine when all members are free for meetings or communications
  9. Set up a time with your academic supervisor to review project progress and any academic assignments
  10. Keep a log of your internship time and activities for both your organization and academic supervisors
  11. Ask for letters of recommendation from both academic and project supervisors at the end of the internship
Staying on Track During a Pandemic
A Webinar Series for Students and ECPs
Join APA for a weekly webinar series on practical strategies and expert advice for students, early career psychologists, and their allies. In these hour-long webinars, we'll discuss topics ranging from completing you dissertation from afar to managing your finances.
Click here to view the full list of webinars

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