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Room B317, West • (212) 772-4782 •

Women's & Men's Sports  |  Group Fitness and Recreation

W O M E N ' S   &   M E N ' S   S P O R T S

G R O U P   F I T N E S S   &  R E C R E A T I O N

You must have a valid Hunter ID and PAC (Physical Activity Card) to use all recreation facilities. A Physical Activity Card can be obtained from the Health Services in Room 307 North.

*No offerings when no college classes are scheduled or when the college is closed. Schedule is subject to change without notice due to emergency maintenance, college events, and other unforeseen conflicts. Please check back with us periodically for any updates.

**Tennis courts are available first-come, first served; rentals and practices get first priority.

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If your program, event or opportunity for Hunter students is sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs, please submit your announcement here.