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United Nations Weekend in Mountain Lakes, NJ

In honor of United Nations Day, families in beautiful Mountain Lakes, New Jersey will open their homes to international students for a weekend of American suburban hospitality and cultural exchange.

Dates: Saturday, October 22 - Sunday, October 23
Times: 10:30 am on October 22; 6:00 pm on October 23
Place: Mountain Lakes, New Jersey (We will meet in Manhattan and travel to New Jersey as a group. Meeting instructions will be emailed closer to the program date.)

For more information, please contact Molly Hampton at (212) 431-1195, email or visit our website.


Council on Foreign Relations:

Private Policy Briefing with Brad W. Setser

Join us at the Council on Foreign Relations' Manhattan headquarters for an exclusive policy briefing with Brad W. Setser, senior fellow and acting director of the Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomics at the Council on Foreign Relations. His expertise includes international macroeconomics, global capital flows, and the management of financial crises. He will be discussing corporate governance and financial regulation, and you will have the opportunity to pose questions and engage in discussion during this private briefing.

Date: Friday, November 4
Time: 2:45 pm - 4:30 pm
Place: Council on Foreign Relations, Manhattan

For more information, please contact Molly Hampton at (212) 431-1195, email or visit our website.


2018 Green Card Lottery

We will be distributing 2018 Visa Lottery Information Packets. For the first-time, CUNY Citizenship Now! will be helping students apply for the Green Card Lottery, which is annually administered by the Department of State in an effort to encourage immigration from under-represented countries.*

How to Apply:
The application is available here. Please be aware that any other websites claiming to have the application are fraudulent.

Distribution Date: Monday, November 7
Time: 12:00 pm
Place: Room 1109, East Building

For more information, please contact the International Students Office at (212) 772-4864, email, or visit our website.

*Please note that students from the following countries are not eligible to apply because more than 50,000 natives have immigrated from these countries in the last five years: Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (mainland-born), Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories, and Vietnam.


Road to Citizenship (Diversity Lottery 2018)

Section 203(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) provides visas for a class of immigrants known as "diversity immigrants," from countries with historically low rates of immigration to the United States. A limited number of visas are available each fiscal year. There is a limited period of time during which you can register for the Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) Program during each fiscal year.

How to Apply:
All entries must be submitted electronically on the Electronic Diversity Visa (E-DV) website at during the specified registration period.

If you receive notification through the E-DV website that you have been selected for further processing in the DV Program, and you are physically present in the United States, you may be eligible to adjust your status to obtain permanent residence through the DV Program.

There is no cost to register for the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program.

Dates: Through Monday, November 7

For more information, please contact United States Department of State at their website, or email


Scholarship Opportunity Database

Find the scholarship that's right for you. Funding for US Study Online is an extensive database of scholarships, fellowships, and grants organized and maintained by the Institute of International Education (IIE). Funding for US Study includes all types of funding programs for all levels of post-secondary study, across the full range of academic areas.

Search for scholarships at

For more information, please contact the International Students Office at (212) 772-4864, email, or visit our website.


Leo S. Rowe Fund for International Students

The Rowe Fund is an educational loan program of the Organization of American States (OAS). The fund helps citizens from Latin America and Caribbean OAS Member States finance their studies or research by awarding interest-free loans of up to $15,000. Applications are accepted and reviewed year-round.

How to Apply: Please visit the OAS website for more information.

Apply Now

For more information, call the International Students Office at (212) 772-4864, email, or visit our website.


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