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What is the Block Program?

The majority of new freshmen participate in the Freshman Block Program. As a result, they experience some of the advantages of a small college environment in an urban setting. A Freshman Block is a cluster of introductory level courses that creates an individual community of 22 students within Hunter's greater community of over 20,000 students. Each block section, or course cluster, has a general theme, and each course within the block section satisfies one or more college requirements.

What are the benefits?
Your participation in the Block Program can:

  • provide an invaluable foundation in the liberal arts and sciences.
  • offer opportunities to explore new academic disciplines, including tentative majors and minors.
  • develop the critical thinking and writing skills that contribute to academic success.
  • satisfy several General Education Requirements (GER).
  • offer contact with prominent faculty and advisors.
  • enhance your freshman experience by fostering new friendships.

Additional information about the Freshman Block Program is available at Orientation: Advising and Registration.

Please note that once students have registered for a block, they may not drop any one individual course within the linked cluster of classes. Doing so, will lead to dropping the entire block from their schedule. All changes or concerns should be discussed with a member of the first-year advising team.

Students will receive additional information about the Block Program during the new student orientation process.