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1) Do I need to take the math placement exam?

To ensure that you enroll in the appropriate level math course, you should take the math placement exam. Students’ math requirements may vary due to intended major and placement. The Testing Center located in 150 North Building, coordinates the math placement exam. For more information on Math Placement, click here.

2) How do I find out my math placement score?

Students can find their test scores by visiting and selecting Test Results.

3) What is the GER?

The General Education Requirement (GER) is a set of competencies, knowledge areas, and perspectives that Hunter College considers essential to the intellectual development of its undergraduates. For more information, click here.

4) When can I choose my major?

At Hunter College, you are required to declare a major no later than the semester in which the combination of credits earned and credits for which you are currently registered totals 61 or greater. Students may choose a major once they have fulfilled the prerequisites for that major. Please check with your intended major department for more information.

5) How many courses should I take per semester?

There are many factors that contribute to students’ course loads such as their academic standings, financial aid, and working status etc... Therefore, students’ course loads may vary per semester. Typically, students who want to graduate in four years take 15 credits per fall and spring semester. Please speak with an advisor prior to choosing courses. 

6) Can I take courses over the summer?

Students who matriculate (start) in the fall semester may only take summer courses if they are participating in Summer's Edge (a special summer enrollment program for new Freshmen). Additional information about Summer's Edge will be available on MyHunter and at Freshman Orientation.

7) Where can I get my I.D Card?

New student may pick up their ID cards at the OneCard Office in the Hunter West Building, Room 126.

8) Where can I find a part-time job?

Students can visit the Career Development Services in 805 East building, or visit the Career Development Events Listing in the Hunter Gatherer.

9) How do I schedule an appointment with my advisor?

Freshmen may visit MyHunter to view their individual advisor's contact information. They may also call Advising Services at (2120 772-4882 to set up an appointment.

10) How do I RSVP for Orientation and what should I bring?

Once students have been admitted and paid their commitment deposit, they will receive their login credentials for Myhunter where they will find information regarding orientation, advising and registration. Only students who have submitted their commitment deposit will have access to orientation information. 

Students must submit their immunization records and take the math placement exam prior to beginning the orientation process. They should also check with the Admission Office, 203 North Building to ensure that their high school diploma and AP/ College Now courses are on file.

11) Where can I find information about scholarships?

Students can find information about scholarships by visiting the Financial Aid Scholarship web page or by vising the Grants and Scholarships website

12) Where can I find information about joining clubs?

Students can find information about joining clubs by visiting the Student Activities website.

13) Where can I find a tutor?

Students who need assistance with Math can find tutors at the Math Learning Center, 302 North Building. Students who need assistance with reading and writing can find tutors in the Reading/ Writing Center, 416 Thomas Hunter Building. In addition, students can contact departments for additional tutoring services. For further assistance, students can visit the Center for Student Achievement located in 417 Hunter West. 

14) Where is the bookstore?

The bookstore is located on the first floor in the West Building. You may also check out their website for any additional information.

15) How can I join a team?

You may visit the Athletic Department located WB317 and fill out an athletic interest form. You may also visit their website and find out more information on teams and eligibility.

16) Where is the Gym?

Located in the B2 level. You will need to obtain a Physical Activity Card (PAC) in order to use the gym. You may download a form online or visit the Medical office 307HN and pick up a form.

17) Do all Hunter students have to take the core requirements?

Yes. Why? Hunter College is a liberal arts school that provides students with a liberal arts education. A liberal arts education means that students are exposed to the broadest possible areas of human inquiry. Those areas include science, math, social sciences, humanities, and the arts. Hunter's core requirements (known as the General Education Requirements or GER) are designed to help students explore each of those areas.

18) I have never been in a school with more than 2,000 students and I heard that Hunter has over 16,000 undergraduate students. What if I don't know what to do and where to go?

Don't Panic. Everyone feels that way at first. In a short time, you will come to know as much about Hunter College as the more seasoned students. To get started, you and fellow students can seek assistance in the following ways: A. Talk to your Freshman Advisor. B. Go to the Sylvia E. Fishman Student Center (417 West). There you will find peer advisors who can relate to feeling lost and answer your questions C. Talk to your professors. Go to their office hours or send them an email. Professors will welcome the opportunity to get to know you.

19) How do I let you know that I have taken a College Now course or earned AP credits?

When discussing course selection, students should always inform their adviser that they are expecting College Now and/or AP credit.

To have credit evaluated, the college that offered the College Now course must send your transcript to the Admissions Office, room 203 HN, at Hunter College. Once it is received, Admissions will post the course and credit on your Hunter transcript.

For AP credits, please request that the Educational Testing Service send your scores to the Admissions Office, room 203 HN, at Hunter College. If your score qualifies you to get credit for a Hunter course, it will be posted on your transcript. Please make these requests as soon as you have the necessary information. For more information on AP and College Now, click here.

20) If I want to see a description of a course, where can I get the catalog?

Click here for the link to Hunter College Catalog.

21) I am considering transferring to another college. Can you tell me which classes I can take while I am here that will transfer and fulfill the requirements there?

If you are planning to transfer to another CUNY school, you can use the TIPPS website to see how your classes will transfer from Hunter to that CUNY. For non-CUNY institutions, or for information not found on the TIPPS website, we recommend that you contact an advisor or the Admissions office at the institution you are planning to transfer to, and talk to them about how your courses may apply there. Every institution’s courses and requirements are different, so we cannot know how our courses will transfer or meet another institution’s requirements.