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  • Have you checked your transcript for completeness and accuracy? Any questions regarding your transcript may be addressed to OASIS (Office of Administrative and Information Services), Room 217 North.
  • Have you completed your general education requirements, GER or HCR? You can review them on DIG (Degree Information for Graduation). Any questions may be addressed to advisors in the Office of Student Services, Room 1119 East. Major/minor requirements should be reviewed with the undergraduate advisor of your major and minor departments.

What You Should Consider When You Apply to Graduate School

  • For what degree? M.A., MFA, M.S., M.S.W., Ph.D., other? Did you know that you may be able to enroll in a doctoral program directly after earning your bachelor's degree?
  • For what career goal? How will the way you ultimately earn your living relate to your graduate studies?
  • When do you envisage beginning your graduate school program? Will you start right away, or in a year or two?