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We hope you have found your educational experience at Hunter rewarding. As you continue your lifelong learning you may also be considering graduate or professional school.

It is never too early to investigate your educational choices. You may want to speak with advisers in the Office of Advising Services, Career Development Office, and other academic departments to assist you in the decision making process, and then help you to realize your goals.

This publication addresses the time-consuming and sometimes confusing process of planning for and applying to graduate school. It is important to remember to approach the different aspects of the application process in an organized and conscientious manner. The same skills that you have utilized in being a successful student can help you achieve your goals as you pursue a graduate school education.

We have prepared this publication to guide you through the process. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the process more fully, please contact Myrna Fader, Office of Advising Services.



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