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PROGRAMS: Student Leadership Colloquium


The Student Leadership Colloquium is designed to introduce students to new and different concepts and theories of leadership, and to offer them opportunities to enhance their leadership skills. It is designed as an information tool whereby students are exposed to, and have an opportunity to dialogue with, professionals representing a variety of educational and career fields.



  • To provide students with an environment in which they can develop their leadership skills.
  • To enable students to strengthen the foundations of their organizations.
  • To create opportunities for students to work cooperatively and collaboratively with others.
  • To encourage students to become involved in leadership activities.

Those students who attend all of the workshops offered in a semester will receive a certificate of attendance from the Dean of Students Office.

What is a colloquium?

colloquium / n. (pl. colloquiums or colloquia) an academic conference or seminar. [Latin: see Colloquy] colloquy / n. (pl. –quies) 1. the act of conversing. 2. a conversation. [Latin: colloquium (as Com-, loqui speak)]


Student Leadership Colloquium Events Calendar

See our Calendar of Events for more information about upcoming SLC programs.


Student Leadership Colloquium Registration

There are three ways to register for SLC:

Please return completed Registration Forms to the Office of Student Activities. Questions? Contact the Office of Student Activities at: (212) 772-4908.





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