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RESOURCES: Approval Procedures for Student Organization Sponsored Events

It should be kept in mind at all times what it means to "sponsor" an event. This means that the organization is totally responsible for all aspects of the event. Under no circumstances may student organizations “sponsor,” turn over reservations, or book rooms or tabling space on behalf of an outside organization. Any student organization which knowingly "subcontracts" their space to a non-Hunter organization will lose their reservation privileges. All student organization sponsored events must be open to the entire student body. Please note that all student organizations are required to have at least four events during the year and at least one per semester related to their organization’s purpose.

A Student Event Information Form is required for ALL undergraduate and graduate student organization sponsored events and should be completed before being signed and approved by Student Government and the Office of Student Activities. This includes events held in club spaces, academic spaces, reserved campus spaces, and off-campus events. Student Event Information Forms must be signed by the student government president/treasurer and events sponsored by any of the student media must be signed by the Chair of the Media Board. It should be noted that contracts/budgets must be approved prior to final approval by the Office of Student Activities.

All on campus and off-campus events, sponsored by an undergraduate or graduate student organization that receives student activities funds, must obtain final approval from the Office of Student Activities (Room C001 North), or when necessary the Dean of Students Office (Room 1103 East). When the event has received all the required signatures along with final written approval, all necessary paperwork must be filed with Ms. Latysha Mckenize in the Office of Student Activities, and all originals must be returned to Student Government and/or Central Reservations by the specified due date. A final draft copy of a flyer advertising each event must be included with the paperwork for final approval.

If an event requires personnel services, all necessary contracts must be signed by the organizations president and treasurer, the service provider, and the College Association BEFORE final written approval can be granted.

Events must be approved by the required persons/offices as noted by Central Reservations (Room 711 West) and/or the Undergraduate Student Government (Room 121 North), including but not limited to, College Association and Public Safety & Security (Room B125 West).

Student organizations that host events in areas that require the approval of Central Reservations or the Undergraduate Student Government must receive tickets for the event from the College Association Office (Room 214 TH).

Off-Campus Trips


If traveling as a group to an event or establishment off campus, please note: CUNY has established guidelines for domestic travel. See the Student Officers' Handbook or visit the OSA (C001 North) for more details.


Off-Campus Events

The following documents are required for ALL off-campus events sponsored by Hunter College student organizations:

  1. A copy of the facilities certificate of occupancy.
  2. A letter from those in charge of the facility or the NYC Fire Department indicating that the facility is in full compliance with all fire codes.
  3. If alcoholic beverages are to be served, a copy of the facilities liquor license must be submitted. If the facility does not have a license, a New York State temporary wine and beer permit needs to be obtained and a copy provided.
  4. A letter from those in charge of the facility which describes, in detail, the security they will provide for your function.
  5. Proof of liability insurance of at least $5,000,000.
  6. A completed Hunter College Student Event Information Form signed by the respective student government. 
  7. A final draft of a flyer publicizing the event must be attached.
  8. All contacts, including the names of both parties, must be submitted. The Hunter contract must be used and can be obtained in the College Association Office.

Note: Before submitting paperwork for final approval, please check to be sure that all the required documentation and signatures have been obtained





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