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This site has been prepared to help you search for financial resources for your educational career, as an undergraduate student and in preparation for graduate school. This site is not the sole source of scholarship assistance. It is, however, an excellent resource that has proved useful to many students. Suggestions for other resources are included. Most of the awards in this guide are based on a combination of need and academic merit. However, there are entries that are solely merit-based, particularly those for graduate school.

Please remember that students looking for financial assistance will need to fill out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), available online In order to qualify as a candidate to receive scholarships students must file their FAFSA by March 15, prior to the academic year for which they are applying.

Students may also wish to speak with advisors in their major departments to inquire about departmental awards and prizes. This Guide includes information about scholarships, fellowships, loans, grants for specific projects, special programs and paid internships from external organizations - those outside of Hunter College.



One of America’s greatest traditions is that of philanthropy. Both individuals and institutions put forth funds to support the causes and issues they believe in. Education has been a primary beneficiary of this tradition. Many people and organizations have contributed funds to support students in pursuit of higher education.

Some of these have specific purposes or goals; some specify a particular population or support further studies; other support travel or research. Some scholarships and fellowships are based on merit; others on need or a combination of both. Scholarships are most typically need-based and may include merit as a determining factor. Grants and fellowships tend to serve particular goals and are more merit-based and competitive. Scholarships may be clustered toward support of undergraduate education while grants and fellowships are likely to involve graduate work.

All seek to reward and recognize promise and excellence. Therefore, the application process in every case will reflect some standard of demonstrated academic excellence. How rigorous the process is will vary. However, it is worth the effort to apply.

In the case of highly competitive scholarships or fellowships, students have told us what they learned about themselves and the relationships formed with faculty during the application process were of great value in their own right.




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