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Web Accounts for Chartered Clubs or Organizations

The Student Club Web Account policy is being revised. Please use your Student Group Management System (Symplicity) account to post information on meetings and events, interact with the student body, etc. If you would like more information regarding Symplicity, please contact the Office of Student Activities at (212) 772-4908/4924.

Web Accounts for Individual Current Hunter College Students

Individual Student Web Accounts for current Hunter College students are currently not available. However, if you currently have an Individual Student Web Account, it will remain active.

Please contact ICIT's Student Help Desk for more information:
Phone: (212) 650-3624; Email:
The Student Help Desk is in Room 1001, North Building.


StudentWeb Server Policies and Regulations

The use of this server requires you to be responsible in several areas:

  • Web site owners must be Hunter students with valid e-mail logins.

  • The Hunter College logo or Masthead may NOT be used on individual web sites.
    Use of the logo or masthead or the Hunter College name in the title of a page would be a misrepresentation of an endorsement by the college of the page's contents. Such a misrepresentation would necessitate removal of the page from the server.
  • Passwords: Only one password is given per account.
    When you are given a password you are expected to keep that password private and not divulge it to anyone else. Only one person will be allowed to upload files (pages). All activities undertaken with your password will be your responsibility. If more than one person is found to be using your password, your pages will be removed from the server by Information, Computing and Instructional Technology (ICIT). See CUNY Acceptable Use Policy.
  • You will be responsible for all materials on your web pages. If these pages contain material or are used for purposes that are prohibited by civil or criminal law or college or university regulations, the owner of the page will be subject to all applicable penalties.

    Areas to be careful of are:
    1. Defamation of Character
      Libel: A false, written, printed or pictorial statement that maliciously damages a person's reputation;

      Slander: A false and malicious oral statement injurious to a person's reputation;
    2. Privacy: Use of personal images or writings. Permission needs to be requested for authorization from the appropriate source to use personal works or images for publication;
    3. Plagiarism: Use of someone else's work, in your own work, without giving credit to the your source. If used in scholarly work, it is a very serious offense. You will be subject to disciplinary action and academic sanctions placed on you, including failing courses, suspension from the college and the possibility of the offense following you after you graduate. If not used in scholarly work, serious legal problems may follow. Linking is better!
    4. Copyrighted materials: You must ask permission of the copyright holder to use their material. Linking to copyrighted materials on the web is a lot easier than copying. There are several sites you might want to check regarding this topic:
      The Copyright Web Site
      Intro to Copyright
      Copyright Myths
      Copyright and Fair Use

Your web site is on an interstate and international communications device, which makes breaking of any of the laws above an interstate matter and therefore under Federal jurisdiction as well as the laws of other countries.

As publishers, it is important that you know your rights and responsibilities. Check the rules and policies in the ICIT Guide, the Hunter catalog and CUNY, as well as legal sites on the web for more information. Hunter assumes no responsibility for the web sites you create. If there are complaints, we will refer them to you.

Finally, this web site should not be used for profit-making ventures. Simply put, you should not be advertising, promoting, or selling anything on your site that is for the purpose of making money for you or your organization.

We hope these web sites will exhibit your creative and intellectual talents, as well as being informative and stimulating.