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Q: I know I have been accepted to Hunter College, but what is the next step in the process?

Once you are accepted to Hunter College, you will receive a letter from the Admissions office directing  you to visit the My Choice web-site to indicate your intention of attendance. Once you indicate you will be attending Hunter, your Transfer Credit Evaluation will begin. The next series of communications will be sent to you via email and will include an invitation to a scheduled Transfer Student Orientation  and Advising session which are periodically scheduled throughout the summer for Fall Semester attendance and in January for Spring Semester attendance.


Q: My immunization record is current at my previous institution, do I need to submit it to Hunter?

Yes. Your immunization record does NOT transfer with your academic record. Therefore, it is necessary for you to submit this document to Hunter College. The immunization form may be downloaded at: You may fax a completed form to the Office of Health Services (212) 650-3254 or bring the form in person to Room 307 North.  Please remember, you will not be permitted to register until proof of immunization is received in the  Health Services Office. Questions about immunization? Contact the Health Services Office at (212) 772-4800.


Q: Where is the Office of Advising Services located and what are the hours?

The Office of Advising Services is located at 1119 East Building. It is located in the building that also houses the Hunter College Library. Office hours during the academic year are 9am -7pm Monday - Thursday and 9am-3pm on Friday. Summer Hours are Monday – Thursday 8:30am – 5:30pm.  Hours may change depending on holidays or special events. You can find any business hour changes on the door of the office.  The phone number is 212-772-4882.


Q: Am I assigned an advisor?

In order to allow maximum flexibility for students, you are welcome to speak with available advisors on a walk-in basis or you can make an appointment to meet with a specific advisor. If you feel comfortable dealing with a specific advisor, you are more than welcome to specifically ask for that advisor when setting up future appointments.


Q: What is the difference between making an appointment to see an advisor and coming in on a walk-in basis?

To get quick answers, a walk-in may be right for you. When meeting with an advisor on a walk-in basis, you will typically be able to speak with them no longer than 10-15 minutes. If you chose to make an appointment, your meeting will be scheduled for 30 minutes. An appointment will be best for more extensive help or for a person who has multiple questions.


Q: I am not very familiar with the Hunter Campus, what do you suggest?

One of the best things to do is to take a tour around the campus. When you come to your transfer orientation session, if you have some time afterwards, take a few minutes and walk around the campus. The main campus consists of four buildings and can feel intimidating, but if you take some time to walk around to acclimate yourself to your surroundings, your first day will not feel so overwhelming. You may also contact the Welcome Center to see about attending a tour of the campus by a trained staff member. The number for the Welcome Center is (212) 772-4490 and their web site is: