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Registration Tutorials

How Your Credits Transfer to Hunter (PDF)
Hunter Degree Requirements (PDF)
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Information for New Non-Degree Students

Information for Non-Degree Students (PDF)

Support Services and Campus Resources


Room 205, Thomas Hunter Hall/1124 East Building
The Access Center is a place to study, to meet readers, and to network with other disabled students. The Center has state-of-the-art assistive technology and technology specialists to enable students to accomplish, graduate, and succeed.
(212) 772-4857

Admissions Office and OASIS

Room 203/207, North Building
The Admissions Office processes applications for undergraduate and graduate admission and all applications for re-admissions to the College. It also evaluates advanced standing credit for transfer students. The new OASIS, modeled after the improved New York State DMV Offices, combines the most vital administrative services at Hunter College into one conveniently located office. The OASIS incorporates the services of the Registrar’s Office, the Financial Aid office, and the Bursar’s Office.
(212) 772-4490


First Floor, West Building
The Bookstore sells textbooks for classes, study aides, school supplies, and Hunter College apparel, including shirts, sweaters, and hats.
(212) 772-3970

Bursar’s Office

Room 238, North Building
The Bursar’s Office handles all financial transactions, including tuition payments and any other fees.
(212) 772-4400



Third floor, West Building
Dining services provide the Hunter community with both breakfast and lunch options. The third floor facility features pizza, hot entrees, deli and grill areas, soups, salads, yogurt, and refreshments. The first floor facility offers Starbucks coffee, packaged desserts, light fare, and refreshments.

Career Development Services

Room 805, East Building
The Career Development Services Office offers career counseling, job listings, job fairs, career seminars, on-campus recruiting and internships.
(212) 772-4850

Center for Student Achievement

Room C001, North Building
The Center for Student Achievement helps students develop and improve their skills through its workshops in time management, note-taking techniques, test-taking strategies and more. It also assists students who are experiencing academic difficulties. The Center’s programs include group workshops, information on study skills, and group and individual assistance to students on academic probation.
(212) 772- 4890

Children’s Learning Center

Room 207, North Building
The Children’s Learning Center is available to students of Hunter College while they attend classes or perform other college-related activities. The early childhood program is for children 2.5 years old to age 5. The kindergarten is for children who will turn five by the end of the year. The school age program is for children 6 years old to age 12.
(212) 772.4066.


Dolciani Math Center

Room 300, North Building   
The Dolciani Math Center provides multimedia support, computer, video, slides, and tutoring for students in most mathematics and statistics courses; and “brush up” helpfor students enrolled in non-math courses as well as the site for workshops in mathematics problem solving and critical thinking skills. The coordinator is also responsible for overseeing the CMAT workshops and the Pre-101 workshops.
(212) 772-5371

Education Abroad

Room 1420, East Building
The Hunter College Education Abroad/National Student Exchange Office provides opportunities for Hunter students to study in almost an y location in the world, including the United States, for a semester or for a year. It also provides short term (3 weeks-2 months) study abroad programs during summer and winter intersessions.
(212) 772-4983/4984

Financial Aid

Room 241, North Building
Financial Aid provides students with information about federal and state funded grants, federal work-study programs, loans, and scholarships.

Film and Media Labs / Digital Editing Labs

Room 503, North Building
The lab consists of 14 apple computers running Final Cut Pro 3 and is used in post-production classes. It is open only to students who are enrolled in classes offered by the Film and Media Department.
(212) 772-4949


The G-Lab

Room 430, North Building
The G-Lab is open exclusively to students in advanced graphics courses or with permission of the department.
(212) 772-4949

The J-Lab

Room 432, North Building
The J-Lab is used for most journalism and interactive design courses, but when it is not occupied, it is an open lab for students to work.
(212) 772-4949


Room 109, North Building
The Hunter College Instructional Computing and Information Technology (ICIT) handles most if not all the technological services provided at Hunter College. The services that ICIT provides are: MIS services development and management of administrative computer applications and services, the central servers which pertains email, file storage, Web pages, software distribution, printer accounting as well as public facilities such as; public computer labs, public access terminals (PACs) printers, vending machines, and servers, computer printing and photocopying services; which is a fee-based service with locations in dormitories and public computing areas. The OneCard for identification, access, printer/copier charging, book purchasing, money-saving dining plan User Support such asnetwork, hardware, software, and applications support to all constituent groups. Help desks, local contacts, clinics, consultants and on-line information available. ICIT also handles web tools, course web page development assistance (Blackboard), computing server access, specialized software and technology training.
(212) 650-3624http://snet.hunter.cuny.edu

Instructional Computing Services

Room 1001, Tenth Floor, North Building
Instructional Computing Services provides 170 Windows and Macintosh computers in nine labs with high-speed Internet access and many software titles, including MS Office, Netscape, Internet Explorer, SPSS, Mathematica, Photoshop, and QuarkXpress. Assistance is available from Front Desk staff and in the Lab Manager’s Office. Free software workshops are offered on a limited basis during the Fall and Spring semesters. Printing, for a small cost, is available.
(212) 772-5524


International Students Office

Room 1109, East Building
The International Students Office helps international students apply for immigration-related processes: obtaining a Social Security Card, authorization to work off campus, extension of academic programs, and change of status. IT also helps students to open bank accounts, explains academic rules and regulations, provides information about taxes, health insurance, and housing; offers personal counseling related to cross-cultural issues. Other services include referrals to attorneys and immigrant center for those students interested in adjusting their status to permanent residency (Green Card) and assistance to those students in participating in the “Green Card” lottery.
(212) 772-4579

Leona and Marcy Chanin Language Center

Room 209, West Building
The Chanin Language Center is a state-of-the-art multimedia facility at which students can supplement their language learning from elementary to advanced levels of study. Resources to choose forom include CD-ROMS, computerized study modules, digitized audio and video programs based on textbooks and lab manuals, as well as an extensive foreign language film collection on VHS and DVD. The Center also provides writing programs and Internet access to dictionaries and online research tools. Audio materials on cassette and CD are available for at-home viewing by students enrolled in foreign language courses. Tutoring assistance is available for SEEK-status students enrolled in Spanish, French, and Italian.
(212) 772-5700


Main Entrance, Third Floor, East-Building
The Library houses reference materials, circulating books, CDs, videos, DVDs, and hundreds of online databases for student use. Internet access/email is available on floors B1, 1, 2, 3, and 4, with a wireless area on the first floor. In the Library Computer Learning Center on the seventh floor, students can use word processing software, the CUNY+ tutorial, and access other computer software applications. The Reserve Desk on the second floor has course-related materials that faculty have places on reserve for use within the Library. Other campus libraries are the Art Slide Library 1602 North; Social Work, 129 East 79 Street; Health Professions, 425 East 25 Street.

Office of Health Services / Wellness Education

Room 307, North Building
Health Services; part of the Wellness Education Program, provides direct health care administered by NYC Emergency Medical Technicians, part-time physicians, and nurse practitioners. The office also maintains state-mandated immunization records and administers physical activity cards for participation in campus athletic and recreation programs.
(212) 772-4800 / (212) 650-3397


Office of Residence Life

Room 117, Brookdale Campus
Residence Life helps students to find housing. Once students become residents, the staff encourages personal growth, responsible living, and community development.
(212) 481-4311

Office of Advising Services

Room 1119, East Building
The primary mission of Advising Services is to help students. Its advisors and counselors provide academic advising and personal counseling, and peer advisors are available to answer academic questions.
(212) 772-4882

Part-Time Placement Office

Room 805, East Building
This Office has an extensive up-to-date listing of part-time jobs that are available throughout New York City. There are job opportunities in various areas, such as tutoring, medical office work, retail, office assistant, computer work, bookkeeping, and customer service.
(212) 772-4850

Personal Counseling

Room 1123, East Building
Balancing the demands of college and personal life can be challenging; The Hunter College Personal Counseling Services is here to help students handle this stress and pressure successfully and constructively. At times, just talking can make a difference; while other times, more intervention is needed. At the Office of Personal Counseling Services, we strive to help our students manage the demands of life through confidential and individualized personal counseling services. Our licensed counselors can assist students in overcoming personal, academic, and/or crisis situations. Personal Counseling Services works closely with the Office of AccessABILITY, Wellness Education and Advising Services to provide comprehensive and coordinated services to all students. We work to create a learning environment where our students feel safe, respected and valued and facilitate the process of developing a balanced and healthy lifestyle, including care for self and others that could negatively impact their progress and success at Hunter.
(212) 772-4931


Pre-Health Advising

Room 812, East Building
The entire purpose of premedical planning is to become a competitive candidate. Towards this end the Pre-health Professions Office provides workshops on pertinent topics: interviewing techniques, writing the personal statement, financial aid for health professionals, as well as a credentials service which houses your evaluations and letters of recommendation in preparation for applications to your professional school. 
(212) 772-5244

Pre-Law Advising

Room 1134, East Building
At the Pre-law Advising Office one can find information about law school and the legal profession, advice on course selection and preparation for law school, advice on applying to law school and to law-related internships and programs; including review of resumes and personal statements. Referral to activities, programs, and resources at Hunter and beyond that will increase knowledge of the legal profession and of the law school admissions process are also provided. The maintenance of letters of recommendation for law school Advocacy for students interested in the legal profession is also provided at pre-law advising.
(212) 772-4882/4889

Reading and Writing Center

Room 416, Thomas Hunter Building
The Reading and Writing Center provides tutoring assistance in reading and writing for undergraduate and graduate students at Hunter. Students can register for a weekly tutorial session throughout the semester or can utilize the Center on a drop-in basis during scheduled hours. Throughout the semester, it offers a variety of workshops designed to improve reading and writing skills and word processing abilities. Students can use the computer labs during scheduled hours throughout the semester.
(212) 772-4212


West Building, Levels B2-4
Recreation Office
Room B315, West Building
Reservation and Guest Pass
Room B315, West Building

Recreation/intramurals sponsor events for students, staff and faculty. Currently, there are over 20 different individual and group activities. To participate, a member of the Hunter community must have a valid ID and a physical activity card. Recreation hours include time for basketball, racquetball, tennis, volleyball, aerobics, weight room training, swimming, and martial arts. Intramural events include the Turkey Trot, Full Court Basketball, Flag Football, Racquetball, and many other events.
(212) 772-4912


Intercollegiate Athletics

Rooms B317-B324
This office sponsors 19 intercollegiate athletic teams during the fall, winter, and spring seasons, and competes in the CUNY Athletic Conference. Fall sports include men’s soccer, women’s tennis, women’s volleyball, and men’s and women’s cross country. Winter sports are comprised of men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s fencing, wrestling, women’s swimming, and men’s and women’s indoor track. Spring sports are women’s softball, men’s tennis, men’s track and women’s track. The Hunter Sportsplex is located on the B2 and B3 levels of the West Building. Admission is free to all athletic events at the Sportsplex and generally takes place after 6pm. Athletic schedules may be picked up in WB312 or WB317.
(212) 772-4912

Department of Public Safety and Security

Central Control Office/Administrative Office
Room B125/B122C West Building
24 hours/7 days a week

Law enforcement/peace officers provide security/protection to the college community. They conduct foot, mobile, and bike patrols throughout campus buildings and surrounding areas and perform various security-related services for the college community. Upon request, they will provide security escort service for students, faculty, and staff members who need assistance. Security personnel are located at fixed posts in each building lobby, and they assist with general information questions about the college and provide public safety information to the public.
(212) 772-4521

Social Science Computer Lab

Room 606, West Building
The Lab has 18 personal computers available to students. The PCs run Windows 2000 and Microsoft Office X, as well as specialized applications such as SPSS, Stata, SAS, and MapInfo. Lab assistants are available to answer questions. When classes are not being held in the lab, walk-in hours are scheduled. Class schedules change weekly, so students should check the lab’s website for the current week’s schedule of walk-in hours.

Socrates Center

Room 919, North Building
This is a learning center for biology students, but all Hunter students are welcome to use the facilities in the Center. It offers tutoring in biology, and features study programs on Macintosh computers. Textbooks, study aides, and informational videotapes also are available.
(212) 772-5190


The Office of Student Activities

Room 1107, East Building
The Office of Student Activities is committed to achieving a pluralistic community and to assisting the student body in developing rational, critical and creative capabilities. This office works on encouraging and supporting activities that include athletics, recreation, student clubs and organizations, performing arts, and student government.
(212) 772-4924

Student Government

Room 121, North Building
Student Government represents the student body on matters of school policy. They also allocate the student activity fee and deal with chartering student organizations.

The Sylvia E. Fishman Student Center

Room 417, West Building
The Student Center, an extension of the Office of Advising Services, was created for the purpose of helping students become members of the Hunter College community. The goal is to provide a safe, friendly, educational, and supportive environment for all students and to help them build a strong foundation for their education.
(212) 650-3282

Student Resource Center

Room 202, Thomas Hunter Hall
The Student Resource Center offers free but limited photocopying, a fax machine, computers, and a microwave for student use. The lounge area may be reserved for student activities. The Center also sponsors different programs centering on student leadership.


Testing Center

Room 150, North Building
The Testing Center currently administers the following tests:

  • The Basic Skills Assessment Tests
    This battery of tests includes reading, writing, and mathematics and is administered to incoming students.
  • Mathematics Placement Exam
    This exam assesses a student’s knowledge of intermediate algebra, trigonometry, and pre-calculus, and is a pre-requisite for all mat courses except MATH 100. This exam is administered to incoming and current students.
  • CUNY Proficiency Exam (CPE)
    The CPE is designed to test a student’s ability to understand and think critically about ideas and information to write clearly, logically, and correctly at a level associated with success in upper-division courses. This exam is administered to currently enrolled Hunter students.
  • The NLN Exam
    This exam is administered to students who wish to apply to the Generic Pathway nursing program.

(212) 772-4868 / 4920 / 4898

The Sylvia and Danny Kaye Playhouse

First Floor, North Building
The Kaye Playhouse features various shows and performances to the Hunter Community. Students can obtain discounted or free tickets for most shows.
(212) 772-4448

Veteran Student Services

Room 1119, East Building
Hunter aims to facilitate the student’s success by providing support, resources and information that meet unique needs such as that of a veteran. Our veterans’ services web site provides information on getting started at Hunter, veterans’ benefits, academic policies and on and off-campus resources.
(212) 772-4852

Welcome Center

Room 100, North Building
The Welcome Center, the recruitment office of Hunter College, reaches out to prospective students throughout the metropolitan New York area. In the Center, counselors meet with drop-in visitors and schedule counseling sessions with prospective students, new and returning and undergraduate and graduate, who have particular concerns. Recruiters visit high schools, community colleges, and community organizations to meet with prospective students, college advisors, transfer advisors, and others who influence college choice. It distributes Hunter literature across the country and throughout the world via email and regular mail.
(212) 772-4490