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Steps to Receive VA Education Benefits

  1. Apply to the VA for your Education Benefits
  2. Give the Certifying Official a copy of your DD-214 and your Education Benefits Award Letter when you receive it.
  3. Register for Classes.
  4. Each semester, contact the Certifying Official to let him/her know you would like your enrollment certified, the number of credits you are taking, and if you would like a Tuition Deferral submitted for that semester. You can email him/her at, or visit 1119E and complete a form with the necessary information.
  5. Each month you are in classes, verify your enrollment with the VA using the WAVE system: or by calling the phone verification system at 1-877-823-2378
  6. Notify the Certifying Official immediately if there are any changes in the number of credits you are taking (Add/Drop, Withdrawal, etc.), or if you are being activated, called for training or deployed.

Tuition Assistance: This process does not apply to Tuition Assistance, which comes directly from your unit. You must contact your unit directly and follow their application process. The Certifying Official can verify your enrollment with your unit once you have initiated the process. Please note that, in most cases, you cannot receive GI Bill benefits and Tuition Assistance for the same classes, you must use one or the other.