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Why Dr. Dodd Became Involved


S. J. Dodd, Associate Professor of Social Work

I came out during my first year of undergrad when I still lived in England. I was one of only a handful of openly gay students at that time. Even in London gay bars were still at secret locations where you had to knock on the door and pass a cursory visual "check" to be permitted entry.

In graduate school, I chaired the LGBT caucus and was active in LGBT activities on campus. As a social worker, I volunteered running bereavement and other support groups both at AIDS Service Center and AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA). I also participated in a range of advocacy efforts for LGBT rights especially related to same sex marriage and immigration rights.

Now in New York, I serve as a consultant for Bailey House an organization that provides housing and support services to homeless people living with HIV. As an openly gay social work educator I actively encourage my students to be LGBT inclusive and affirming in their practice, which is consistent with social work ethics. I have been thrilled to serve as a founding member of the executive committee for the LGBT social science and Public Policy Center at Roosevelt House.

Current Work


In many ways teaching was my first love. My undergraduate degree is in education, and I moved to the United States to pursue my MSEd. When it came time to change careers, I taught college level courses in physical education whilst studying for my MSW and then transitioned to teaching social work courses during my Ph.D. While at USC my colleague and I developed the first human sexuality elective for the MSW program and I resurrected the human sexuality course here at Hunter. I currently teach social welfare policy, human sexuality, and research to our MSW students. I also teach social policy in the Social Welfare doctoral Program at the CUNY Graduate Center. I was honored to receive the 2012 Hunter College CUNY Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Research, Public Policy, and Creative Endeavors

I was the co-PI on a 3 year HHS OMH funded trauma-informed program aimed at reducing sexual risk behaviors and substance use in 8th grade students in East Harlem. I am also the program evaluator for the National Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections. My first book Practice Based Research in Social Work: A guide for Reluctant Researchers (with Irwin Epstein; Routledge Press) came out in 2012. In addition, I serve as a consulting editor for the Journal of Teaching in Social Work, Families in Society, Sexuality Research and Social Policy, and the Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services. I have a special interest in issues affecting LGBTQ individuals and their families, and the ways in which heterocentric social policies perpetuate oppression and discrimination.


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