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LGBT Education

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We are committed to developing and supporting LGBT education and training opportunities for students at Hunter College

Spring 2015 Course Offering:

We are pleased to announce that the first QuERI course to be offered at Hunter through the LGBT Social Science & Public Policy Center will be Queer Kids/Straight Schools. This course was previously taught at Syracuse University in 2006, 2008, and 2010. The course will examine the heteronormative structure of K-12 public schools, expectations for normative identities, and the ways social movements, queer youth and their allies, and supportive teachers resist this normalizing mode. These issues around the reproduction and production of heteronormativity will take up curriculum; school, district, state, and federal education policies; pedagogy; peer social hierarchies; questions of surveillance; and the regulation of gender norms to patrol sexuality. Using sociology of education, students will explore school culture through readings and through conducting their own qualitative research in area schools. Data produced in the class will be utilized to craft policy recommendations that will be submitted to the NYC school district. This course is cross listed through Sociology ( and Women and Gender Studies (

2015/2016 Academic Year:
The signature course in LGBT Social Science and Public Policy will be offered next year.

Other Courses available at Hunter College addressing LGBT Issues can be found in the Women and Gender Studies Program:

WGSS 15000 - Introduction to LGBTQI Studies: Psychological foundations, sexual development and response patterns; male and female roles; individual and social attitudes, legal issues.

WGSS 17000 - Psychology of Human Sexuality - Psychological foundations, sexual development and response patterns; male and female roles; individual and social attitudes, legal issues.

WGSS 19000 - Development of Gender Roles - Social, cognitive, hormonal and personality factors in development of gender roles; determinants of behavioral and cognitive gender differences.

WGSS 25700 - Sex and Gender Roles - Sex role differentiation: femininity, masculinity, marriage, child rearing.

WGSS 38700 - Queer Theory - Examination of recent contemporary queer theory and politics in the United States, with particular attention paid to its intersections with feminism, critical race theory, class analysis and religion. Course time will also be dedicated to learning to write effectively about political theory.

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