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Undergraduate Program in Theatre

The Department of Theatre studies stage production and the relationship between text and performance. The major requires courses in practical hands on work as well as the study of theoretical, critical and historical approaches to theatre in order to give students an understanding of all aspects of the art form. The curriculum was developed with an emphasis on professional standards.

Courses include acting, playwriting, directing, history, theory, design production, children’s theatre, and creative drama. Undergraduates may take graduate courses with special permission. Many students who graduate from the program work as actors, directors, stage managers, and designers. Some of our students continue their creative study in conservatory or M.F.A. programs. Others continue their study in history and theory as M.A. or Ph.D. students. Graduates who concentrate in developmental drama frequently enter the field as teachers and directors of theatre in education.

The department maintains associations with major theatre institutions. Students have the opportunity for placement as interns and apprentices with various professional groups.

Students pursuing a major in theatre must work on theatre productions as part of their requirements for graduation. Advanced undergraduate playwrights may have their work produced by Hunter Playwrights.

Outstanding theatre majors with a minimum 3.0 grade average and 45 credits of Hunter coursework completed outside the Theatre Department may apply for the Robert LoBianco undergraduate scholarship. Two $2,500 LoBianco scholarship grants are awarded each year.



Learning Outcomes

Graduates of our Undergraduate Theatre Program will be able to:

- Demonstrate a critical and theoretical understanding of the history of and current practices in theatre

-Demonstrate practical competence in one or more of the various components of theatre

- Be able to communicate orally, visually, and/or in writing about theatre

- Be able to analyze dramatic texts and productions


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