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Hunter College
Department of Theatre
695 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10065
Phone: (212) 772-5148/9
Fax: (212) 650-3584

Professor Claudia Orenstein
Hunter North – Rm. 522
(212) 772-5149

Bettie Haigler
Administrative Assistant
Hunter North – Rm. 522
(212) 772-5148

Undergraduate Advisor

Professor Judith Jablonka
Hunter North – Rm. 520H
(212) 772-4642

Undergrad Advising/Fall 2014

Aug 28 thru Oct 3
Mon 2:30-5:30p & Wed 3:30-5:30p

Oct 6 thru Dec 15
Mon 2:30-4p & Wed 4:30-5:30p
& by appointment

Graduate Advisor
Professor Mira Felner
Hunter North – Rm. 520B
(212) 650-3338

For information about applying to Hunter College visit or contact Barbara Austin-King at

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The Department of Theatre studies stage production and the relationship between text and performance. The major requires courses in practical hands-on work as well as the study of theoretical, critical and historical approaches to theatre in order to give students an understanding of all aspects of the art form. The curriculum was developed with an emphasis on professional standards. Courses include acting, playwriting, directing, history, theory, design, and  production. Undergraduates may take graduate courses with special permission. Many students who graduate from the program work as actors, directors, stage managers, and designers. Students pursuing a major in theatre must work on theatre productions as part of their requirements for graduation. Graduates who concentrate in developmental drama frequently enter the field as teachers and directors of theatre in education. Students have the opportunity for placement as interns and apprentices with various professional groups. Visit our Facebook page for Theatre Dept. notices, news, and opportunities.

March 2013 »
Go to full calendar… is an on-line forum for critical writing about the contemporary theater. Published by the Hunter College Theatre Department and edited by Jonathan Kalb, this nationally recognized journal welcomes reviews, essays, polemics, articles, interviews and dialogues about any aspect of theatre, past or present, with an emphasis on productions in New York City.

Looking for HN-M016?

That's the Gruber Space in the basement of Thomas Hunter Hall.

To get there go to the basement of Thomas Hunter Hall in the area by the elevators. Turn AWAY from the ceramics studio, and walk through the doorway. The signs should lead you to your class room.