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Appeals Information

Students who have accumulated over sixty credits, particularly transfer students who have come into Hunter with many credits, can request that the credit maximum be waived. Those wishing to request this waiver must submit a letter of appeals to the Council on Honors. The letter, not to exceed two pages in length, should briefly summarize the student’s background and should clearly outline the student’s goals, explaining why the program is necessary or significant to the student’s academic career.

Appeals will be considered only when the student intends to continue at Hunter for a minimum of three active semesters beyond the semester of application. Students interested in submitting a letter of appeals should plan to attend the first scheduled meeting of the Council on Honors during the semester of intended submission. Appeals should be submitted no later than the first week of the semester of application.

Please note: An approved appeal does not indicate acceptance into the Thomas Hunter Honors Program. Approval signifies that the interested student has been granted an interview and will be considered, along with all other eligible students, for admission into the program.

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