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FITT 2018


Lisa Marie Anderson (German)
Revision of Elementary and Intermediate German materials to lower cost and build proficiency

Kathleen Issac (Dance)
Dancing Ahead: Advancing feedback for Dance Pedagoy and Dance Artistry
Susan Cardenas (Community Health)
Integrating useful technology and access to OER

Erika Mazzer (Italian)
Online Review Modules for Italian Language Courses

Pamela Fredrick (Film & Media)
Hunter Dia website
Julie Van Peteghem (Italian)
Translating Nuova York: Italian Spaces in New York City

Scott Gentile (Math)
Converting Math 100 to an OER Course
Kate-Pok Carabalona (Sociology)
Visualizing and Managing Public Data

Janette Gomos-Klein / Samantha Sheppard-Lahiji (Biology)
Developing an OER Biology course for non-science majors

Michaela Soyer (Sociology)
Increasing Teacher and Student Interaction in an Online Teaching Environmen

Kirsten Grant / Gabriela Smeureanu (Chemistry)
Videos to Enhance the CHEM100 Workshop Experience
Allen Strouse (English)
Immersive Anglo-Saxon Textbook
Yang Hu (Curriculum and Teaching)
Improving the Quality of Online Make-up Sessions