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FITT 2008 Projects

Kelly Anderson Kelly Anderson (Film & Media Studies)
with Martin Lucas
ePortfolios in a Large Digital Media Course
Lina Newton Lina Newton (Political Science)
Increasing Interaction with Multimedia Presentations, Web-Based Simulation Assignments, and Online Office Hours
Ahmed Bawa Ahmed Bawa (Physics)
Developing an Online Component for Physics 101
Claudia Orenstein Claudia Orenstein (Theatre)
Creating a Database of Images and Video Clips for In-Class Use
Anthony Browne Anthony Browne (Africana & Puerto Rican/Latino Studies)
Designing Collaborative Activities Incorporating Historical Images and Audio 
George Patterson George Patterson (Social Work)
Using Blackboard to Share Resources in a Research Course Sequence
Erica Childs Erica Childs (Sociology)
Engaging Students with Wikis and Interactive PowerPoint Presentations
Roger Persell Roger Persell (Biological Sciences)
A PowerPoint Presentation Assignment for
an Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Class
Elizabeth Danto Elizabeth Danto (Social Work)
"HBSE Online": An Educational Community for a Large Multi-Section Course
Cynthia Roberts Cynthia Roberts (Political Science)
with Jennifer Dwyer
A Blackboard-Based Course Model for Faculty Teaching POLSC 115
Jennifer Dwyer Jennifer Dwyer (Political Science)
with Cynthia Roberts
A Blackboard-Based Course Model for Faculty Teaching POLSC 115
Randye Rutberg Randye Rutberg (Geography)
Virtual Field Trips Using Google Earth
Ann Ebe Ann Ebe (Curriculum & Teaching)
Using Blogs in a Course on Bilingual Literacy
Leighsa Sharoff Leighsa Sharoff (Nursing)
SimMan: High Fidelity Patient Simulation in a Clinical Practice Course
Veronica Gregg Veronica Gregg (Africana & Puerto Rican/Latino Studies)
Redesigning a Blackboard Course Site to Support Critical Thinking and Close Reading of Literary Texts
Trudy Smoke Trudy Smoke (English)
An Online Community for English 120 Instructors

Daniel Hurewitz (History)
Creating Dynamic PowerPoint Presentations and Interactive Assignments for a History Survey Course
Charles Tien Charles Tien (Political Science)
eSim: A Web-Supported, Role-Playing Election Simulation
Leigh Ann Jones
Leigh Ann Jones (English)
Creating Community with Wikis and Online Writing Assignments
Ellen Trief Ellen Trief (Special Education)
Podcasts for Teaching Special Education Concepts
Lawrence Kowerski Lawrence Kowerski  (Classical & Oriental Studies)
A Web-Based Tool to Guide Student Writing 
Lauren Yannotta Lauren Yannotta (Library)
Developing a Blended Course in Information Literacy
Martin Lucas Martin Lucas (Film & Media Studies)
with Kelly Anderson
ePortfolios in a Large Digital Media Course