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Interactive Technologies for Teaching Latin: Text Annotation and Audio Recording

Ronnie Ancona (Latin)

Latin 201 is a fourth semester intermediate-level Latin class in which students begin to study Latin poetry. The class involves the reading of selections from Ovid’s epic of connected tales, Metamorphoses, as well as the study of Latin meter. Students increase their reading knowledge of Latin through attention to issues of grammar, vocabulary, figures of speech, and meter, while learning to appreciate Ovid’s poetic techniques and the value of the Metamorphoses as literature.

Professor Ancona’s goal was to make students more active learners by engaging them in collaborative text annotation and providing enhanced opportunities to hear and speak metrically correct and properly pronounced Latin.  She will use the Interwrite Pad, a wireless, pen-based input device, to support in-class text annotation.  Using this pad, Professor Ancona can annotate, highlight, and make notes over PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, or any content that appears on the computer screen.  The computer screen is projected so that students can view the annotations.  This device will allow Professor Ancona to demonstrate noun/adjective agreement, highlight figures of speech, and frame lines of poetry.  Since the device is wireless, it can also be passed to students, so that they can participate in marking up the text.

Professor Ancona will use Wimba Voice Tools, a feature of Blackboard, to facilitate the audio recording of spoken Latin.  Voice Tools provides an audio recorder that is integrated into Blackboard, making it easy to record audio and upload it to Blackboard.  Professor Ancona will use Voice Tools to record herself speaking Latin and to have her students submit audio recordings of themselves speaking.